From Twitter 12-05-2010

  • 08:53:05: For anime fans RT @tweetitow: pls check RT @animealliance: Edgar (@edilaga) will be tweeting live on @animealliance through @tweetitow!
  • 09:02:21: @EngrMartie Dm u
  • 09:04:21: @pilyosopo Dm u. Weeehhh kpop lang ako pasalubong hehe
  • 09:24:17: Sagabal sa buhay ang edukasyon. jowk RT @LasagnaSurfer: Due to not checking emails regularly, I missed an invite to…
  • 10:37:58: RT @ASouthernYankee: “I’m not on Facebook” is the new “I don’t own a television”
  • 10:38:01: RT @unmarketing: RT @TomMoradpour: Help build hospital in Africa! #FD&PEP: Pepsi donates $1 for each RT for 24H
  • 10:38:04: RT @IncMagazine: Before launching an e-commerce site, heed these 7 important tips.
  • 10:38:08: RT @KazumiZ: Friends taught me how to answer “Aren’t you guys having kids?” in holiday season. “We just have sex for pleasure”. That’ll …
  • 11:05:45: Giant grasshopper inside our house. Must be one of my kids’ captive. Gggrrr.
  • 11:09:41: Love @melanietlim’s ‘Population’ article today published on sunstar =)
  • 11:11:00: A large population is a wealth,only if that population actually contributes to the country’s well-being & significance. -@melanietlim
  • 11:16:01: People now have price tag?
  • 11:35:58: @Sheinamae0824 @MrRandyCole23 kindly re-reg to fix your @tweetitow accounts. thanks. pls msg me if u’r still having probs.
  • 11:36:33: @jodised_g2j2 your @tweetitow account is fixed. kindly try it when u hav time. thanks
  • 11:53:44: @ragenstevart Weetos? =)
  • 13:09:20: @odina_ Ow u have weekend diay? =) hehe
  • 13:34:05: likes the website’s quirkiness of though tad frustrating to browse arnd it.
  • 14:18:32: the tagalog/Filipino for ‘hill’ is burol. ikr?
  • 14:54:49: @odina_ Kalooy nimo. Gi daug2x kang @markjeee. Hehe
  • 15:23:33: RT @tweetitow: In Lieu of Today’s Trivia, Get Credits via
  • 15:45:10: @ovibynokia how come some of apps available for dl from the ovi store app in my phone is not available in the web store?eg team manila love
  • 16:19:03: @dennismendiola How abt buyanihan & cashcashpinoy?
  • 16:45:54: I guess doing it wrong is better than doing nothing.
  • 16:54:49: ‘business & investing are actually racing marathond,but our culture generally treats them as though they were sprints.’ -time paradox
  • 17:01:51: We have a surplus of so many items that we rely on making goods ‘fashionable’ to make them more desirable & thus mai…
  • 17:09:37: RT @dennismendiola lack of paypal/credit card hurdle. -> i guess all local online biz has this prob.oww,so u’r working on payment gateway =)
  • 17:10:57: @dennismendiola I guess everybody has atm so maybe a ‘paypal’ for atm.
  • 17:18:05: @ThereseHabana Di ko ka relate,thres.but i guess u don’t need to b 1st,instead finish it at ur own pace. yay.
  • 17:28:39: @ThereseHabana U’r not alone. Me too & so the rest of the world. Hehe

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