From Twitter 12-07-2010

  • 07:59:42: 1 more day to @kornbito & @khristianie’s honeyyymoan =)
  • 08:43:30: @liezlfabian U hav an article there?
  • 09:12:46: @liezlfabian If i happen to pass by it. Hope it’s n cebu
  • 10:14:06: PH game maker lives out boyhood fantasy Niel Dagondon of Anino Games – game maker for Disney, Namco, and such =)
  • 10:47:10: @LaTtEX Oww really? Grabe naman kasi photoshop,para kang maholdap sa presyo nila. Anyhoo, I hope di ma pirate games nila.
  • 11:13:38: gowalla has a new logo huh.old & new logo.i prefer the old one.
  • 11:14:27: @LaTtEX what does BSA mean? sorry for d iggy q.
  • 11:23:10: @roui926 Noted =) unsa landmark didto? Like aha ko manaog? Hehe
  • 11:24:01: thanks.i was thinking BSA is bureau of software anti-piracy. =) RT @jploh Business Software Alliance
  • 11:34:08: @roui926 Cocomall kana tapad sa cebu doc noh?
  • 12:30:48: @AllenYu26 I think lbc has that.
  • 12:31:07: RT @newsycombinator: Downtime (From Tumblr Staff Blog)
  • 12:46:00: Dear lazy self,please cooperate. Please put out and up the Christmas decors now na!!!
  • 12:49:11: Golden Rule of Time: Use your time as you would like others to use theirs. – the time paradox
  • 12:55:46: RT @purpleishja: RT @noaheverett: “No matter how hot she is…some guy is tired of her issues” – quote from a bathroom wall…amen
  • 12:56:42: Fresh? =) RT @Ivee: Warm guyabano juice: super ♥!
  • 13:08:12: @AllenYu26 I came across a site for that b4.forgot the name.but meron ata marami nyan.jollibee na lang pa deliver mo.hehe =)
  • 13:09:41: @AllenYu26 Bydway,ayoko ng flowers. Gap gusto ko. Hehe. =)
  • 13:19:38: Computers start up in minutes & webpages download in seconds,yet we still get angry with them because they are too slow! – the time paradox
  • 13:23:33: @AllenYu26 sorry for my insensitiveness. =(
  • 13:49:54: What’s left of our Christmas decors.fugly – few & ugly. Maybe i should just get one of those instant Christmas trees.
  • 15:37:00: RT @tonyocruz: Mamaya na ang Christmas TweetUp! Get more info and sign up here: #xmastweetup Kita-kits!
  • 15:42:12: RT @copyblogger: Y’know, in the time that tumblr was down, you could have started a site you own. #justsaying
  • 15:44:16: Ey ow =) RT @tweetitow_devel: Hello World
  • 15:45:03: Aba tagalog ka pala RT @tweetitow_devel: Hi ho hi ho, skin lagot kayo.
  • 15:46:04: RT @chikka: Guys and Gals, don’t forget to register for the Chikka Text to Win raffle promo. :-) Happy Chikka texting!
  • 15:51:37: @engtweets Is kachop already available for dwnload?
  • 15:54:58: When i say i have everything,I’m being grateful.
  • 17:15:13: @AnaAviso Will check =)
  • 17:21:10: @engtweets Ow it’s owkei. I’ll just watch out for ur announcement. Thanks.
  • 17:53:11: Proyektong Ligtas na Pagbubuntis — receive free pregnancy tips via text / sms
  • 17:55:56: @supergoddess27 ayaw palabii,flor. basin imo matalbugan ang ninang =)
  • 17:57:31: @dondizm no =( bydway, i’m not a developer. =)
  • 19:11:29: Probably the only tiffany blue in my outfit tomorrow,for nani’s wedding, are my nails. My beloved farmer’s foot =)
  • 19:37:53: RT @markjeee: Testing @tweetitow ‘s new gateway that will soon support MMS. My Xmas gift to the users.
  • 19:43:45: @pusakat haha =)
  • 20:34:19: Lol. niche market RT @ericzoo: @shikishiji proud of course, my wife has market potential still #dom #foreigners
  • 20:38:24: Infinite pushes =) RT @karenei: hahaha..thanks for the three pushes! =) RT @supergoddess27: @karenei push! push! push! =D
  • 20:43:45: Google saves lives & fashion sense. @markjeee learning to ‘neck tie’
  • 20:44:14: @cladosky mura man script sa drama sa radyo =)
  • 21:00:21: @kimeh What’s yours? =)
  • 21:09:32: I can’t believe my 6yr old has math word probs.i remember i was still struggling w/ math word probs at 8yrs’s getting featuritis.
  • 21:11:31: @kimeh Yay. Mahilig ka pala sa old school. sino artist ng love the way u lie?
  • 22:06:38: does not like much doing beauty regimen – it’s taking my computer time.
  • 22:38:33: Bow tie is more formal than neck tie. My husband will be in neck tie. I bet the waiters,at d wedding reception,will have bow tie.
  • 23:23:17: RT @SoMaarte: Sometimes the only thing that people see is what you did.
    When in fact, they should be looking at why you did it.
  • 23:24:08: @ariannechan Basin crush niya si miley.or hilig sya tan-aw hana montana =)
  • 23:42:46: @ariannechan is that the baker? =)
  • 23:57:11: @karenei i’d say superficial. anything beyond the required basics is superficial. hehe =)
  • 23:58:30: @ariannechan is that the surgeon? =)

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