From Twitter 12-08-2010

  • 09:40:03: some1 asked me where i got my ‘founders at work’ here in PH.maybe i should be selling this book. =)
  • 09:41:20: i think ‘founders at work’ is the book that got me hooked to start-ups and apps.
  • 10:51:32: @DABieberVille so sorry. @markjeee has not able to check on it yet. Hopefully this weekend.
  • 11:11:17: huhuhu. Niulan jud.
  • 11:25:12: Saw johnny air’s truck van parking outside TGU. Happyness??
  • 11:45:38: I can see boxes w/ smiley logos. =) from santa claus bezos.
  • 12:47:59: @loonycookie yes.
  • 12:48:31: Where’s my intanet! @markjeee =)
  • 12:56:54: @loonycookie Welcome. Anyhoo,msg me if u need some.
  • 16:14:04: i’m wearing make-up!& now i don’t like to move.Thanks @anaaviso for making me look human.=)
  • 16:25:36: @roui926 di na lang ni nako tangtangon. Hangtod na ni ugma.
  • 16:27:49: I think i’m the most colorful sponsor. i feel like a peacock in heat. =)
  • 16:29:22: Omg, pls ayaw ulana akong nawong. Basin mahimo ning kanal akong make-up.
  • 16:38:58: Yay. Thanks a lot! @kimeh
  • 16:41:06: @roui926: @twitchangel @lasagnasurfer sa may Fuente circle. #EPIC -> plaza indepencia ra ako nailhan =)
  • 16:53:44: Beautiful bride & groom – Nanie & Korn =) here at busay.
  • 17:01:22: The judge is such a character.=) i like Christian / civil wedding – relax.
  • 17:16:49: You may now kiss the bride. And they live happily ever after =)
  • 17:44:24: I realized this is a programmers’ wedding. So no wonder everyone looks like face-glued-to-computer-monitor.
  • 18:35:13: Thank God, i’m back to my crocs! =)
  • 22:26:03: @ThereseHabana They’re young couple, thres. i guess wa na sila lain makuha nga older couple. =)
  • 22:27:20: Home now.’Twas a very chill fun wedding @khristianie @kornbito. Looking forward to the other carebears wedding.=)
  • 22:29:12: Don’t like to remove my make-up =) my 1st real make-up in 6 years. The last 1 was during my wedding. =)
  • 23:25:46: RT @jepoilazaro: RT @paulocoelho: Anyone who loves in the expectation of being loved in return is wasting their time

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