From Twitter 12-09-2010

  • 11:23:32: If u ever love somebody, put your hands up!
  • 12:08:54: How to know if you are a great programmer? -> how an ass of me to talk about how to be a ‘great’ hacker. lol at myself.
  • 12:15:45: i posted that post one year ago. i’m amused at myself for being such a know-it-all. =)))
  • 12:17:16: @ragenstevart thanks, chelo.and thanks to @anaaviso for making me vavavoom.she got me excited with making up =)
  • 12:23:35: RT @likke: Para sa Cebuano negosyantes — Bloggable: How to Use Search, Social Media & Blogs to Promote Your Business
  • 13:30:33: i think every domain name with cloud is already parked. noninoni
  • 13:37:36: just remember. i read earlier from superbalita that justin bieber will be here in philippines this may 10. to my cute belieber friends. =)
  • 13:40:04: every day in my streamline, i stumble on this word — BELIEBER. if u don’t know that,then u are not a belieber. =)
  • 14:38:03: Brain Gain Network – News – Cloud Computing Talk by returning technologist Alvin Gendrano via @AddThis
  • 15:03:31: @KSYtvpeeps10 dm u. sorry about that
  • 15:15:58: @KSYtvpeeps10 kindly check @tweetitow’s profile page – #s there r working. Anyhoo,dm u d explanation. Sorry bout that
  • 15:32:52: I’m fine =) RT @twitchangel: We pushing through @lasagnasurfer @roui926
  • 16:12:19: will be off to some real world socialization =)
  • 16:27:18: Kinaatayan na lang jud og rules ang TGU bldg. mura’g school principal ata ang admin nila.
  • 16:34:09: @KSYtvpeeps2011 i’m away frm my computer now. Dm u n ur other twitter acct. Thanks
  • 16:39:41: @liezlfabian exiting to the real world =)
  • 19:49:04: Now i know how to get free lunch – be a food blogger ala @lasagnasurfer. =)
  • 19:59:55: @twitchangel @roui926 & dindin what’s ur sbux drinks?
  • 20:10:33: @twitchangel @roui926 @lady_snad aha na mo? Naa nami diri sbux =)
  • 21:17:38: @twitchangel @roui926 @lady_snad @lasagnasurfer thanks a lot for ur time, girls. :))) oist jason,wa nako ka bye2x nimo.kalit man ka kawala.
  • 21:18:40: @ladydelva i thought sharing credits will do d trick. Anyhoo, will have @markjeee check on it.
  • 21:20:23: @rhonaislove hehe.pls don’t ever believe @LasagnaSurfer.such a troll. :)
  • 21:40:37: @LasagnaSurfer u need the receipt ba?
  • 21:41:37: RT @ovibynokia: Twitpic us your #AngryBirds score by 12.00 GMT tomorrow, highest score wins #OviSwag ^r
  • 22:37:13: forgot to print my kid’s pic at the office.grrr. this house has no printer. how lame.
  • 22:45:01: RT @tomiahonen: Tomi comment – ok so Android has 24% of US market in smartphones and is ‘unstoppable’ Nokia’s Symbian has 40% of non-US …
  • 22:48:10: RT @tomiahonen: Total agree! RT @yeswap #MoMo @om’s 2010 predictions #Samsung will be #2 smartphone vendor, Moto will decline, Nokia X3 …
  • 22:53:35: @twitchangel looking forward to the glamout shots @roui926 ako headshot ha =)
  • 23:04:30: jack johnson – better together (live) i like @paologlim’s version better. wa pa giupload?
  • 23:24:16: haha.i saw 1 ‘rose buenconsejo startups’ search keyword from the analytics.of all the keyword combos.i can’t help but lol.i’m all bs yaknow.
  • 23:27:15: webcam works again on @piclyf. time for a new headshot.can’t get enough of my beauty.
  • 23:29:49: @ThereseHabana need it for assignment churva. naa man tag 2k na lang na printer hinoon diri.
  • 23:33:25: I just voted for this photo
  • 23:33:42: I just favorited this photo
  • 23:34:36: @ilovemz you’re so pretty. where’s mikee here? =)
  • 23:37:20: @ThereseHabana sure sure. =)
  • 23:40:20: @ilovemz saw this too =) he looks he is for keeps. =)
  • 23:44:36: @ThereseHabana wow. ka nice gud! ang 2k diri kay super basic lang nga printer.
  • 23:46:06: one of the things that warms my heart — 2 people inlove. be it gay or straight. =)

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