From Twitter 12-15-2010

  • 01:48:57: @dennismendiola Hi. Would like to have a hashable beta invite. Thanks much =)
  • 03:33:26: @ragenstevart may the rainbow cottoncandy-coated force b w/ u,chelo! Anting2x against their BVness.
  • 03:35:47: @ragenstevart Basin ganahan sila’g addtl wipe-your-BV-away counselor, pwede ko apply. =)
  • 03:39:02: Grrrr.already 330am still wide awake. Magkutaw na lang kaha ko ani’g kape para pamahaw.
  • 09:24:29: RT @heywhereyou: Do you want to retail your brand through us? Email for details.
  • 09:26:05: @twitchangel More good vibes to you =)))
  • 10:22:22: so hayden kho was also was acquitted from a rape case. hayden was from what?
  • 11:51:35: @odina_ dm u
  • 12:14:26: @odina_ wa lagi. Naghuwat pa ko sa akong invite.
  • 12:14:53: @odina_ naa na ba’y beta invite ang etro?
  • 14:22:27: Thanks a lot. RT @dennismendiola: #invite to @hashable
  • 14:49:52: @odina_ will invite u later. RT @hashablemaps Welcome to, find other #hashable users near Cebu City 6000, Philippines
  • 15:51:55: some1 inserted w/ 3 cartfull of toys. Promise, next year nako mobalik og mall.
  • 18:08:04: Yes.kindly check sa support tab of RT @karla_lasalita Supported ninyo pa rin ba ang Posterous?
  • 19:10:01: I’m using Hashable to make connecting more fun! See who I’m meeting with and introducing at (ping me for a beta invite!)
  • 19:16:46: #invite @odina_ to @hashable
  • 19:17:13: #invite @markjeee to @hashable
  • 19:40:32: @likke Sthing like networking.f u want me to introduce u to 1 of my contacts,i’ll connect u to him sthing.i’ll invite u.
  • 19:41:41: #invite @likke /cc @hashable
  • 19:56:24: @twitchangel – hi crush! =)
  • 20:01:00: @odina_ naa na imo etro beta invite page? excited na ko =)))
  • 20:45:08: Wooottyy =) pag andam og crutches =) RT @khristianie: Now at boracay island with my @kornbito. Woooot woooot #fb
  • 20:46:35: @firedancer67 Christmas songs na sad ni @markjeee? Hehe
  • 20:57:23: go,fred. I-hire ko ha. =) RT @fredbaa: planning for the next big thing
  • 21:02:58: @ludy2244 So sorry no idea. I’m a dodo. =(
  • 21:03:16: Any1 can help RT @ludy2244 im so desperate n eh could u help me on my globe tatoo what it means when it say remote c0mp couldnt established?
  • 21:21:11: @ludy2244 here RT @kimeh Try restarting PC, unplugging Tattoo, replugging in diff. USB port. Try changing from HSDPA to EDGE to HSPDA again.
  • 21:21:29: @ludy2244 another 1 RT @kimeh Or maybe, walang load. Or maling access point lang nagamit.
  • 21:21:38: @kimeh Thanks
  • 21:21:54: RT @boozaub: do you have a router? RT owrange Any1 can help RT @ludy2244 <remote c0mp couldnt established?>
  • 21:45:57: wow sikat. Penshoppe =) sa cebu yan =)
  • 21:48:45: RT @leverus: I wrote this!//TIME’s 2010 Person of the Year has just been announced: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Read about it here | htt …

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