From Twitter 12-20-2010

  • 00:17:47: in coming days, my new job title is USER. =)
  • 00:22:19: RT @markjeee: People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.
  • 00:58:41: i’m no branding expert but can’t really help to comment that UP Cebu-DOST TBI is just too long & boring & too corporate to appeal to startup
  • 00:59:00: but then it’s not about the name.
  • 02:43:38: @socialinfinity the ‘buzz’ tab is 404-ing me. =(((
  • 08:52:20: RT @RunLolekRun: “I strongly believe that every race we start is an accomplishment, and so is every finish, regardless of time” – Margre …
  • 09:10:44: RT @likke: RT @taetin
    i need help!!! does anyone here know any comedy bar near makati area?? or within makati area?
  • 09:12:02: @denisse_purple no hurries. =)
  • 09:16:00: @iPayStation @Teddhuff what kind of info? Try rawfeedr,hubspot =)
  • 09:26:58: RT @chrysiafranco: Bobo ko amp.. hahaha!!/chrysiafranco/status/16638925057560576 **We still need testers…..
  • 09:59:49: finally, google. who keeps saying mobile is the future,has rolled out mobile template (beta) for blogger.
  • 10:05:26: @socialinfinity Also getting a 500 error right after logging in. Thanks
  • 10:24:36: Try @socialinfinity RT @Teddhuff @iPayStation keywords with ability to see user using keywords
  • 11:08:58: We’re near SM,& mark just realized he didnt bring his card for the points. I’m soooo pissedddd!need to revert to good mood quick quick!
  • 11:32:31: @iannucup thanks. Will check it later.
  • 11:54:29: I’m pisssssed that I got pisssed, and now i’m more pissed because i can’t fffckin unpissed myself over GCs. Gggrrrr. goodbye productivity.
  • 13:59:17: Too much time/energy s wasted.nobody’s getting gifts from me until after Christmas.this gift giving is more of a pressure than a pleasure.
  • 13:59:17: Citibank, i don’t get it why ur swiping machine never fails to work.but ur machine for converting my points to GCs is boinkers.
  • 13:59:26: UP Cebu-DOST TBI — co-working space & support system for your ideas and start-ups
  • 14:09:37: ay sos nothing will happen bisan unsaon pa nakog kayat ang citibank. next! let me see that web app i need to work on.
  • 14:13:38: i’m in 1 room with my husband but we talk over skype.
  • 14:17:57: @iamempee sorry.forgot to reply to you. pls check here
  • 16:44:17: @cladosky naa ka ron diri ayala for the cbs?
  • 19:21:21: The line for taxi s crazy!
  • 19:22:55: @engtweets that’s currently what’s lacking now.the facility is already there but the ‘culture’ is still in the making.but they just started.
  • 20:00:41: got something owranggeeee nano watch. =) not mine again though
  • 21:53:39: @suncelltweets Is there no other way i can reclaim the expired #? i would gladly pay to get it back. Thanks. This is reply to ur dm to me.
  • 21:54:33: @boozaub No.actually na stress ko frm citibank.coz i was planning to use the GCs as gifts na lang.
  • 21:57:12: @engtweets Surprisingly,they have a pool of individuals who are ‘interested’ to invest.but yes,prolly in a year or 2,it’l kick off.=)
  • 22:30:32: @ericzoo u can install android to nokia n90.
  • 22:32:19: @markjeee RT @PHL_Android: Asked on site: Meet up in Cebu?
  • 22:41:44: margar
  • 22:43:58: RT @Abbie12: Neat! RT @flyPAL Let’s start the race for badges & mayorships! Link to PAL venues in Foursquare: [ ]

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