From Twitter 12-24-2010

  • 08:59:26: Wa’y traffic? RT @EngrMartie: Here at SM… Pick up the Lasagna in Greenwhich.
  • 09:17:37: RT @likke: In case you still have a few more things to buy for Christmas #fb –
    SM City Cebu – 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
    Ayala Center – 9:00 …
  • 09:50:01: Citbinank’s sm GCs is still boinkers. Mura’g credits na lang jud ni gifts sa akong mga kinugos.
  • 10:42:45: I like this pic by @YTeinamikhaelaa #piclyf
  • 11:00:15: I just earned the Christmas 2010 Badge. Check it out at #piclyf
  • 11:32:22: All ATMs have line like this. Scary. I feel like crying why Christmas now is like thi$.
  • 11:38:54: Traffic in fooda coz everybody’s driving an SUV. Hello oy,u’r just gonna buy groceries not roughriding.
  • 14:28:41: So beautiful.u & @janzukato r spending christmas there? RT @jovrien: In a beachfront loft for Christmas! :)
  • 14:45:42: @jovrien Where is that place?? Wanna go there some time. Wishhhh
  • 14:48:33: @ThereseHabana U using skype? It’s down for days already.
  • 14:51:23: RT @LasagnaSurfer: I hope you guys know that there is a game worth 1,000 and 3,000 credits at the @tweetitow Trivia Facebook page.
  • 15:10:12: Will go to merkado in a few minutes for some fishy =)
  • 15:13:47: @iPetim @iamempee weeehhh please join us para more bibo. =)
  • 16:45:11: @itog_ dm u the mobile #.yes,it’s better u call them coz they’re not the type of people who check emails =) hehe
  • 17:41:05: RT @LasagnaSurfer: Wala pa ring nananalo sa 1,000 game! CLUE: 70’s rangers.
  • 18:04:18: @ilovemz Did u change username? Anyhoo, just kindly re-reg.then msg me after. Thanks @LasagnaSurfer
  • 18:06:56: @ilovemz reg at – same steps
  • 18:10:55: @ilovemz Yes. But credits only work on globe
  • 19:06:49: @robertsarte Owkeis.will check. @LasagnaSurfer
  • 19:25:41: @lissseeettteee Kindly re-reg at – same steps. @robertsarte. There might be congestion tonight. just msg me when u r done.
  • 19:32:42: @ficklebrain Cute new headshot =)
  • 19:55:08: We’re having leftover spag, icecream & other leftovers later later that’s if we’ll be up at 12. :)
  • 20:55:53: Just thinking, before celphones, how did we send out greetings
  • 21:05:05: santa claus making his way w
  • 21:41:49: @robertsarte will check it in a bit.
  • 22:26:50: Thanks for all the greetings. Have a mindblowing orgasmic Hooolidays, imaginary friends & benefits! =)))
  • 22:27:44: Will send my greetings 2days after,i don’t wanna clog the network coz it means delayed tweets via @tweetitow. alilheadache.
  • 22:28:08: @Janzukato Gift of orgasm. Lol

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