Blackberry Curve 9300 for FREE via Globe Plans

On Sunday 26th December 2010, said:

Whoops! Oversight. Yes, my mistake. Here are the details:

To get a Blackberry Curve 9300 for FREE, simply subscribe to a Globe my Fully Loaded Plan 999, 1799, 2499 or 3799.

To get a Blackberry Curve 9300 with minimum cash-out, simply subscribe to any of the ff: 1) My Super Plan, 2) Globe my Fully Loaded Plan 299 or 499. See table above for cash-out details.

MY SUPER PLAN P12,000 (cashout)

Plan 299 P12,000 (cashout)

Plan 499 P10,850 (cashout)

*36 months lock-up for Plan 999 (promo)

24 months for Super Plan, Plan 299, Plan 499, Plan 1799, Plan 2499, Plan 3799, Plan 5000, Plan 10000

– If customer wants 24 months lock-up at Plan 999, P8,600 cash-out will apply



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