From Twitter 12-25-2010

  • 09:48:57: Pancakes (almost to almost jobeelike),longganisa,leftover spag for Christmas breakfast. =) did not wake up for noche…
  • 09:50:56: RT @tristanwalker: Yes! RT @santaclaus Soon as I left the North Pole, @reindeer started checking in on @foursquare. Not that easy to ste …
  • 10:00:22: haha.goodmorning labakara 4u. RT @roui926: I got me a shirt from my parents. So did my bro. We both had our fake-we-love-our-shirts look.
  • 10:01:25: cutesttt santa RT @ThereseHabana: Merry Christmas!
  • 10:03:04: Kamo na 2? =) hehe RT @LasagnaSurfer: @roui926 roui myfrned i miss u alredy yess
  • 10:04:32: RT @mlevchin: Holiday season is the only time when my rate of email deletion ever so slightly exceeds that of inbound email.
  • 10:05:44: @iannucup Baka may extra friend ang ka date ng ate mo =)
  • 10:41:07: – My Christmas Inbox: Only Got 3 Greetings via ‘Pure’ SMS,the rest are via twitter. Is it just me noh?
  • 11:18:46: RT @tweetitow: For Sun users, I advise you use Globe/Smart for now. I’m getting errors when fetching updates frm my device. Might be the …
  • 12:06:12: Just when i want to remove some stuff,the MIL arrives w/ a bagful of decks.our house s just enough for humans.
  • 14:28:10: Suya ko sa imo mga pics. RT @jovrien: Somewhere in Bukidnon en route to CDO. I miss my bunny sunshine chocobee
  • 14:32:26: RT @polgfred: The best presents can’t be opened.
  • 14:33:46: Baby? Lol.share what’s it =) RT @boozaub: I so love my present from the husband!
  • 14:52:01: Going off to another parrttyyy!
  • 16:33:34: I’m praying for u,geese. =) RT @LasagnaSurfer: @roui926 @Lady_Snad @twitchangel @maiiipeebie hai guise! Just woke up. We drinking or not?!
  • 16:56:54: @aj_shigatsu14 no text confirmation s sent out; Only mention via twitter. i checked.u’r already registered.kindly send a test tweet.
  • 17:51:08: @roui926: @Lady_Snad hotter than good morning labakara =)
  • 18:34:45: Mark’s family is a mix of extremes, the double PHDs, & the unschooled like mark.
  • 18:48:01: @aj_shigatsu14 kindly check @tweetitow’s profile page or, all #s listed there. Thanks
  • 23:40:46: Cute RT @roui926: fave icon for the year: ¯\(°_o)/¯ i donnoh!

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