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  • 08:54:10: @marrihliesse Why? =(
  • 09:14:41: @officialchezca God Luck! =)
  • 09:26:37: @hinikkipee What u mean by product identity?
  • 09:35:14: @hinikkipee Awww. Goodluck na lang
  • 11:08:02: I find short nails sexy. =)
  • 11:14:07: @J3SSL33 Sure. but they change it daily ata.
  • 11:16:03: Ggrrr. The rubber covering of my phone slots are totally gone. Hayst, my kids!
  • 11:18:33: U forgot to put my username. Hehe. I’m home now. RT @bernadelle: rosie.ad2 ka tgu later? if ad2 ka ad2 pud ko. na koy patabang sa script.
  • 11:18:41: @bernadelle Tomorrow pa ko adto.
  • 11:27:14: #4 of 365 me me me @piclyf.Tinolang manok/kamote with matching 1 kalderong kan-on for lunch =)
  • 12:12:46: an aunt just died of C.i’m more happy than sad. finly, she’s free from pain.
  • 12:13:35: RT @nerveending: RT @k8ikate: Our firm’s currently looking for an associate. Interested in working in a small firm w/ (very) manageable …
  • 13:05:37: Monster mama mode.
  • 13:09:44: Real work from home just doesnt suit me
  • 13:55:51: “…progress made by western countries has not made any difference to the world who live on less than $1 a day.” – r…
  • 14:10:24: RT @markjeee: Awesome! Looks like the upcoming startup meetup is gearing up. Exciting to see crazy people with their crazy plans. :D htt …
  • 14:10:30: RT @paologlim: woohoo excited for this startup meetup! crazy people unite! :D
  • 15:00:09: lol :) RT @dangillmor: Re Facebook/Goldman deal, do read @37signals’ sardonic blog post:
  • 15:03:14: Paul Buchheit: Angel investing, my first three years
  • 15:48:11: @J3SSL33 that’s what friends told me.but we can build a db of places n cebu offering wifi – free/not.
  • 15:52:15: Oww mickey, i’m so fine. I blow ur mind. Ey mickey.
  • 16:32:53: @liezlfabian Mmmm. Instapaper na man lang ako ginagamit jud ron. kana heywire – maka txt ka frm ur touch.:) naa man sad chikka
  • 16:48:19: @liezlfabian unsa imo fave app?
  • 16:52:37: Have things figured out in my head. Now, all i need is some free time to put them on draft b4 they evaporate.
  • 16:55:47: Is this in sutukil? RT @EngrMartie: Lobsters! 7000php for the big one.. OMG!
  • 17:21:56: i’m your sweet addictive destruction =) definitely not cute.
  • 17:23:10: @ohgelie – you two are soooo cute =)
  • 17:32:51: TAEYANG (SOL from BIGBANG) – WEDDING DRESS cannot get enough of this MV!
  • 17:58:59: @vadabanana @somaarte the song, the vid, the dance, & most of all taeyang are just sooo heart! =)
  • 18:22:18: Wearing a black shirt to a wake. But its print says ‘don’t worry be happy.’ well, it’s not entirely inappropriate.
  • 18:43:26: one of my most fave kpop song – zia looks like saab
  • 19:57:28: violin & piano playing here in the wake — soothing. Tear jerker.
  • 20:15:53: @sheheartsjbiebs just kindly re-reg at /cc @lasagnasurfer
  • 20:18:37: And so ur new headshot. =) RT @vadabanana the Wedding Song dance is soooo kainlove!
  • 21:09:02: @loubuenconsejo welcome oy. Utangan pa ko sa kang nanay. Ingna ko be unsa imo gusto haron di nako maglisod huna2x.
  • 21:15:40: @loubuenconsejo sa amo to. si nanay may nakahulbot sa imo. Owkeis.tweet me lang f naa ka lain idea
  • 21:45:17: Wallflower. Waiting to go home. Wake is too much of a social event for me. Oh the family drama i can feel.
  • 21:54:23: The motel name on the beautiful flowers in the wake just kind of a mismatch.
  • 22:50:48: When i looked at my aunt inside her coffin,couldnt help but smile when i saw that she’s wearing orange dress,holding rosary w/ orange beads.
  • 23:55:53: RT @LasagnaSurfer: Congratulations to @seanyves12 for winning the 3,000 @tweetitow credits! Others get a K! Thank you for joining!

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