From Twitter 01-05-2011

  • 00:03:40: @liezlfabian good night =) rest well
  • 00:04:58: @ragenstevart Can i have the iphone instead? Hehe =)
  • 07:00:48: going thru the entries of @tweetitow trivia challenge. lolzing. @lasagnasurfer, i’m messing up w/ d inbox. =)
  • 07:44:41: =) RT @AllenYu26: How dyou like my new hairstyle? :D
  • 07:49:09: RT @hungrygarden: and 250 MM users RT @kiwanja Stay focused on simple, appropriate tech. “Nokia 1100: The AK-47 of the Cell-Phone World” …
  • 07:51:14: @ryanandaya Wow daming bbm friend ah
  • 08:07:21: @ryanandaya no. if meron, add mo ko ha =)
  • 08:12:58: @robertsarte dm u. thanks
  • 09:17:48: Aviary – Creation on the fly / blog / PicLyf Adds HTML5 Photo Editor to Their List of Features via @AddThis
  • 11:05:10: On the way to tgu, mark talking about C programming language.& here i am listening like it’s the cheesiest chismis in town. Wtf.
  • 21:29:21: #5 of 365 me me me. Mr. anonymous =)
  • 22:08:17: Bv. @markjeee always makes me feel like i’m the lousiest!
  • 22:38:24: The other day was gipatay kay wala pabasaha sa inbox sthing RT @LasagnaSurfer: Funniest headline evar!
  • 22:40:29: Kinda feel january such a supahbusy month. Ohmy mothering duties =(
  • 22:43:32: @chuckdreyfus Naughtyyy
  • 22:45:42: Pls join the cebu startup meetup. Was really meaning to invite u. Will share the link when i’m on my computer.
  • 22:45:34: @sheheartsjbiebs Will check. So sorry
  • 22:52:31: @sheheartsjbiebs it was down awhile ago. But works fine now.
  • 22:55:28: Wants to buy moisturizer. The cold weather makes the area around my lips dry, & yayay.
  • 22:57:32: RT @tweetitow: Sorry, guys. one or 2 of the globe gateways were down earlier. all working now. So u might notice ur posts hours ago just …
  • 22:58:43: Saranghae goodnight. Kikeru kikeru. Hafta be up early tomorrow. Drafts drafts drafts drafts flow flow flow
  • 23:00:23: @sheheartsjbiebs But can u post to twitter via @tweetitow?
  • 23:31:43: RT @khristianie: kinsay gnhn mpalit cosmopolitan mag complete set 2008 and 2009…

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