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  • 00:00:59: &9829;
  • 01:23:22: ‘real friends’ starting to show up in my ‘fake’ fb account.
  • 01:24:06: aaccckkkk that tagging thing
  • 10:08:54: @ragenstevart Agree with chelo re church wedding. Relax. @ThereseHabana
  • 10:10:31: more pics to come.malingaw jud ko sa pic. RT @khristianie: back to first monthsary today with @kornbito :) #fb
  • 10:11:38: @roui926 Suyaaa! Shangrila & bitch =)
  • 10:23:23: we’re friends, no need to impress me.
  • 10:40:46: I love worn out stuff. They give a warm fuzzy feeling.
  • 10:42:01: @i_lucrie_p Why are u waiting for them, lucri?
  • 10:45:01: RT @jowyang: “100%” Is the chance you’ve looked at your ex’s FB profile. “30%” Is the chance you’d actually admit it to your current pa …
  • 10:47:19: Britney spear’s sometimes =) RT @digitalfilipino: what is your favorite love song? #sentisabado
  • 11:53:48: #8 of 365 me me me @piclyf. Hams are not yet 50% off. Yaa,i’m cheap. =)
  • 12:40:09: @boplaksnakelot mmm. Sthing abt songs ata. Di ako sure.
  • 12:45:29: @i_lucrie_p Nyay.Nasobraan ra nimog pangga imo mga kids,lucri.Let them b responsible.They’re 16yrs old.What’s d use of 4yrs in ateneo.
  • 12:45:50: @mr_perk That must be sexy. )=
  • 13:23:32: @ilovepola Owkeis. Will ask @markjeee to check on ur acct.
  • 14:02:43: Tailing after the kids. Can’t wait for mati to be big enough to be on his own roaming around so i can just snooze off.
  • 15:45:58: Owkeis RT @loubuenconsejo I already know what I want rosee, gnahan ko og book by joey concepcion. =) hehehe! thank you daan.
  • 16:04:15: what online store will let PH buy music/mp3? we don’t have cd player.
  • 16:10:08: @jploh owww. thanks for the suggestion
  • 16:30:55: argh. i don’t get how to buy itunes GC.too complicated for my litow brain.will turn to pirates
  • 16:36:28: RT @ceoSteveJobs: The next iPhone update includes several autocorrection fixes. For instance, typing “Android” will autocorrect to “hemo …
  • 16:37:12: i love quora. but i feel like the questions lately are getting cheesy
  • 16:42:03: RT @SagadaSun: The market for calling, texting and Internet in PH is huge. It could easily support 20 big ISP telecomms. So WHY only Sma …
  • 17:13:02: account settings/newsfeed
  • 17:45:04: getting used to pivotal tracker. i still prefer bugzilla. but we’ll see
  • 18:10:20: @i_lucrie_p Wow. Kuyawa gud ninyo. Giapas jud mo sa usc!
  • 20:28:52: would it be rude if i untag myself from a facebook status?
  • 20:50:20: funny.the #1 ‘search phrase’ in facebook help is ‘delete account’
  • 22:02:23: reminder – do ‘how it works’
  • 23:08:02: RT @eiRonpohL: sino globe pwede tawagan?! may 50 mins free pa ako!
  • 23:13:13: Is this showing now?RT @hannahdbp12: Step Up 3D is a must see m0vie. I l0ve the wh0le cast. It fits in the r0le. OM! I just l0ve this m0vie.
  • 23:15:59: @ariannechan @ilovemz ay.i thought step3 is on cinemas now.ganahan ko motan-aw sa tanang step movies!
  • 23:20:32: Hate it. Di nako ganahan mo tweet like before. Naa magsige report unsa ako gi pangyawyaw.but then, wth.kevs.
  • 23:23:22: Joseph bitangcol? RT @Carloowww: lol Dara is with G-Dragon right now, in their room, making love yo~ haha
  • 23:27:25: RT @chuckdreyfus: Ella singing Dora theme:
    “C’mon vamanos,
    Everybody let’s go,
    C’mon let’s get to it,
    Yung puwet mo may tatlong guhit!”
  • 23:29:20: accdg to @Carloowww. happy ko meaning di sila ni taeyang RT @ariannechan uyab si G-Dragon ug Sandara? Nge.
  • 23:30:42: I dedicate ‘still’ to mark, while ‘almost’ to taeyang! =) ‘i miss the love that we almost have’ =) almost mi ni taeyang. =)
  • 23:32:50: @Carloowww Lol. @ariannechan was asking if GD & dara are jowa. =)
  • 23:53:46: I really can feel taeyang’s ‘wedding dress’ song is for he wish he is my boo =)

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