From Twitter 01-09-2011

  • 01:01:49: nyay. pivotaltracker is having maintenance just when i’m about to check some updates.
  • 01:07:13: flooded with domain name registration renewal. my impulsive domain name buying.
  • 01:38:55: oopppsss. kupster fail. =(
  • 01:40:39: actually, my fail. not kupster.
  • 01:46:18: wants to laugh at myself. first time i set privacy settings, and of all the sites. it’s something i really don’;t use much.
  • 01:51:46: And you seem to be the perfect one for me. — change to ‘i seem to be the perfect one for me.’
  • 02:09:59: Goodnight, God. If you cannot make me a product designer overnight, super please let me dream of the perfect workflow now na. Thank you. =)
  • 07:47:11: feeling lightheaded
  • 08:45:27: #9 of 365 me me me @piclyf. good morning from my beautiful fancakes. =)
  • 09:09:04: it’s time to pull out my list of dummy emails.
  • 09:14:11: argh. my list of emails for testing were in my previous ‘company email’ — no longer have access to it =(((
  • 10:25:43: @boplaksnakelot Yes. Pang iphone5 na naman =)
  • 10:26:10: Sweepyyy. basin dapat maligo na ko para mahismasan
  • 10:28:12: @ThereseHabana Owww. Suya ko. Wonder kiddie =)
  • 10:30:10: @ThereseHabana Whats happen to the cam diay,thres?
  • 10:34:31: will dl balsamiq. i guess this is it. how can i be a carpenter if i don’t have a ‘good morning’ labakara? marry one =)
  • 11:34:38: @likke will play local fm. it’s cute for a watch
  • 12:28:12: @supergoddess27 nawala lagi iyahang waist. hayyyy, mabogets ko!
  • 14:13:31: RT @markjeee: Awesome new post over at the BS site. Don’t quit your day job via @buhaystartup
  • 15:36:58: I wish i can do decent doodles, not just hearts, swirls, hearts.
  • 16:55:47: When bored, we get inked!
  • 20:16:29: How did ever that sooo boring looking neighbor guy get a hottie wife.
  • 20:32:59: @joshtadena @mikebrysoliven @thisissaul @psgaerlan haha. The handsome boys react!
  • 20:54:26: @hcapnet weehhh. U’r tweeting =)
  • 20:57:22: @boplaksnakelot Me no idea sorry.@Janzukato
  • 20:59:18: @thisissaul Sorry. Error daw =) hehe
  • 21:02:54: @LasagnaSurfer u’ve been a naughty boy prolly @roui926 @twitchangel =)
  • 21:53:45: @markjeee I’m referring to u =) lo lo
  • 21:54:44: @iamawesomeruss Sorry. have no control over some issues =(
  • 22:07:41: @markjeee ako nyang tamia ha. plsssss dl! =)
  • 22:24:10: I know na why i tweet.coz who cares abt listening to my mundane randomness.
  • 23:09:54: RT @markjeee: I think Com. Sci. special projects should be about computer science. If anyone’s interested, maybe i can help or guide the …

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