From Twitter 01-11-2011

  • 05:59:41: heavy downpour.oh weather,how can u be so beautiful!i just wanna curl up and sweeep =)
  • 06:00:29: RT @aShLe311: Daan ko pa. Daghan mgtweet og mgstatus sa FB na today’s 1/11/11. If u plan to be one of ’em, make ur post at least interes …
  • 06:09:41: Eric Su, co-founder of Piclyf, talk about “the game of startup” =)
  • 06:25:39: ow. dropbox website is having maintenance, i think
  • 06:53:11: @SoMaarte the minty chocolate was from it’s nice =)
  • 07:25:52: kahilakon ko =(((
  • 07:53:42: @odina_ Wa nako na save akong gipang draft. Nawala =((
  • 08:20:02: @hudaz_MD Wa nako na save ako work sa laptop. Nangawala
  • 09:56:47: RT @tweetitow: Raise ur middle finger f u ‘like’ RT @LasagnaSurfer: I am thinking about a daily trivia. One trivia per day. 500 @tweetit
  • 10:04:45: Converse? RT @poorboymark Now that they’ve been zooming in since 1987: here’s what I think the 2040 Starbucks logo
  • 10:22:02: @mr_perk Who hurt u?
  • 10:22:36: RT @ryanandaya: Rather than to influence, be an inspiration
  • 11:49:04: #11 of 365 me me me @piclyf.who cares about itunes not selling me my tamia fix c/o my pirate =)
  • 14:39:00: just thinking. how it is to be kirida? which is worse — emotional or sexual infidelity? of course both
  • 14:41:35: @kuyabob does baka also play with your angry bird?
  • 15:18:32: @roui926 Dm u
  • 15:59:14: The Prom King — John Kim
  • 16:17:41: public opportunities > public profile > account settings — and i think i can move on???
  • 16:36:47: RT @ayn_belonio: RT @marcandangel: When we dedicate our life to a cause greater than us, our life becomes a glorious, romantic journey.
  • 16:38:06: Hala. Naa ko nadumduman! =) RT @paologlim: @thegirlette @markjeee waaaa! insa man ako gibuhat???
  • 19:01:25: @choldmhist Ohmy so sorry.this is the new # 09233073270. We had probles w/ d old #.
  • 20:31:31: i think i’m kinda superficially done? my brain is over and done.
  • 20:32:48: @tcherjo me hindi pa.
  • 20:35:40: @tcherjo i’m resistant to change ata. my twitter is still the old interface. my face is still the same old same. hehe corny.
  • 20:54:55: back to ‘getting started’
  • 22:54:46: RT @sjeanc911: wanted : Voice-over talent, will read a 90s script… Anybody knows anyone? kindly RT, thanks! :) #fb
  • 23:09:13: i wish it will go away now na! Coz it’s already annoyingggg to d nth level.

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