From Twitter 01-16-2011

  • 05:24:57: pit Senyor! the weather is cold! i hope cebu will have sun later. =)
  • 05:36:19: but then it’s sweet to dance under the rain =)))
  • 06:09:01: ow it’s sunday — fancakes day at home. =))) after 5 years, mosuka na ni akong mga sakop with just the mention of pancake.
  • 06:29:01: @iamademar shangri-la tambayan sa UP? hehe =)
  • 06:54:40: @kanneyleen u;r in cebu now? =)
  • 07:00:51: I say you the fucking best, you the fucking best
    You the fucking best, you the fucking best
    You the best I ever had, best I ever had
  • 07:52:10: @boplaksnakelot yes. Do visit cebu some time kahit di sinulog. Sinulogan tika. Hehe
  • 07:53:42: @unmarketing Munchscreen
  • 08:07:50: am i the only person to think that fireworks are overrated.
  • 08:48:20: Wow. Only took me 30mins to finish fancaking =)
  • 08:48:56: @brentamurao )Is that the one with ‘if u ever loved somebody,raise ur hands up’ =
  • 08:59:24: @chuckdreyfus U’r son is sooo gwapo. =) what’s he training for?
  • 09:22:56: @CoachEdrick dm u
  • 11:58:21: @nisecastillo Might be congested. Sinulog ngayon. we have weak signal in the area. Kindly use other gateway #s for now.
  • 12:26:21: @hinikkipee Happy birthday =)
  • 13:33:47: Raining hard. It’s gonna be fun getting wet/wild under the rain for Sinulog. lol
  • 13:45:12: RT @amuchmoreexotic: I don’t understand how the people of Tunisia overthrew their government without me signing an e-petition or changin …
  • 14:35:23: @ladydelva Same here. I havent been to sinulog for a long time. =(
  • 14:40:58: Kalami na lang jud sa weather! Gusto ra ko magmika ug mag ligid2x!
  • 16:47:45: privacy settings is probably the most superficial thing invented in the world wide web.
  • 17:31:03: #16 of 365 me me me The empty ‘sunken court’ w/ my full batt kids#2&3
  • 18:09:06: i’m being fickleminded. deactivated my owrange fb account again.
  • 18:10:05: tomorrow will be a brand new start — no more unnecessary. turning on the serious mode. =)))
  • 20:45:15:’s no longer cute RT @CebuDailyNews: RT @inquirerdotnet: Cebu’s wish for Aquino: Cebuana girlfriend
  • 20:50:33: RT @tweetitow: Sun users,I’m not receiving all your tweets.Might be congestion since it’s sinulog now here in Cebu add to d weak signal …
  • 21:08:32: Steve Jobs: The Next Insanely Great Thing

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