From Twitter 01-24-2011

  • 00:21:59: repeat to the xxxxxx until i can retell it in my sleep
  • 01:04:51: @LasagnaSurfer @roui926 @twitchangel tues, thursday will do with me
  • 07:35:51: @poymode Oyyy. Inlove
  • 07:36:45: RT @francisvallejo: “Art is the sex of the imagination.” – George Nathan
  • 07:42:56: RT @destraynor: The purchase flow for books on Kindle (iPhone version) is fantastic. It makes spending money very very easy.
  • 07:51:38: Early today. Have to drop kids at school for their intrams
  • 07:54:16: /@
  • 08:58:03: @Filipeanut owkeis. forwarded to you the email conversation i had with Tina. thanks
  • 22:48:04: @NeenaBanana @mr_perk ow no. sorry. i just read ur msgs. kinda busy. will look into it.

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