From Twitter 01-26-2011

  • 06:59:31: @MagtalasKevin So sorry about that. I’ll check.
  • 07:00:28: Sunshine thru my window that’s what you are, my shining star
  • 07:28:19: @MagtalasKevin can u pls try to re-register at if it does not solve the problem, kindly msg me back. thanks
  • 08:15:58: U just frustrated me. =(
  • 08:34:41: Fyi: i’m cursing u now inside my head. I hope it reaches you!
  • 12:48:20: No need. I’ll ask @markjeee to check ur sorry about that RT @MagtalasKevin
  • 13:34:16: Untitled
  • 17:30:24: at teachbar for the web designer/developer meetup. First time to b usherrete w/ @leahdoria.
  • 20:03:17: I think i need a new point&shoot cam. @markjeee =)
  • 20:21:37: I’ve been talking like real talking with people since morning. I’m over my limit, i think.
  • 21:18:58: I just gave 5 stars to a Meetup for TechTalks from Cebu (and Beyond)
  • 22:17:49: i’m not a product person. i’m a user person! =)
  • 23:10:07: can’t figure out how to hide myself in facebook. too much of a headache. wont bother
  • 23:12:25: finally i found jessica livingston on twitter — @foundersatwork =)))

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