etroduce – tip of the iceberg

I attended the job fair yesterday at UP, as a cheering squad for Honee doing the pitch of etroduce to the HRs. And, I realized that the general web / internet concept of the local audience is facebook and probably the intranet / email they use at their office. Being in an environment where everything is online, it did not occur to me that ‘web application / service’ is not something automatically to them.

I kind of thought that Etroduce will hopefully be the tip of the iceberg to the local market. Etroduce is no longer about just a referral platform, but more about etroducing the cloud concept to the local market, to which we can learn more about using web service and be more confident of using it. Then, it will open up a new market for local web service providers – Filipino development shops developing apps for local consumption – a whole new culture. =)

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