From Twitter 01-30-2011

  • 02:23:35: @mimi_herrera Hala.would like to try ben & jerry’s =)
  • 02:46:02: Haha. Nakailad =)
  • 04:15:07: @edilaga I know that’s possible. My MIL was able to do that when her phone was stolen.
  • 04:16:30: RT @tonyocruz: Call for Speakers and Topics for iBlog7: The 7th Philippine Blogging Summit
  • 04:20:47: @iPetim Ow. u’r sooo pretty in ur new profile pic. =)
  • 04:23:01: ???? =( RT @heywhereyou: Last two days of tweeting here. You’ll surely miss my tweets! ;)))
  • 04:23:23: RT @tonyocruz: To report overcharging taxis, commuters may call 4262515 or text 09214487777 /via @MMDA @ManilaRaf
  • 04:30:31: RT @Samsungtweets: RT @autismfather: Each Retweet worth $5. Please RT for #TeamAutism. Raise awareness! Raise donations!!
  • 08:34:38: #30 of me me me @piclyf. fancakes – typical Sunday bfast at home =)
  • 09:35:46: RT @sarahmei: Hey #shesgeeky folk, here’s my blog post about the gender field in #diaspora:
  • 11:15:48: Kinda good news: mark will bike again = healthy. Bad news: he’s gonna buy another bike. Gggrrrrrr!
  • 11:17:47: RT @LasagnaSurfer: Okay, trivia later. Will go back to sleep. Enjoying the aftermath from last night, also refers to hangover.
  • 11:26:57: Mati on a bed of newspapers. will be checking some stuff inside the news =)
  • 11:27:52: I’m seeing valentine’s promo ads on newspaper. interesting. i can’t remember the last heart’s day date i had =)
  • 13:40:46: Sweeeppyyyy. Lazy sunday.
  • 15:53:03: @chrysiafranco Yes.
  • 15:53:37: @RunLolekRun Huh? nasobraan kag running?
  • 16:01:02: im so late RT @lasagnasurfer: For *** @tweetitow credits: What is the real name behind the mask of this superhero?
  • 16:25:36: RT @aShLe311: Lose vs. Loose. It’s simple. Lose is a verb. Loose is an adjective. PLEASE do not mix them up — even if this is done inad …
  • 16:25:56: RT @LasagnaSurfer: For today’s trivia recap,
  • 16:26:27: I sleep the whole afternoon. Haha. Sthing new =)
  • 16:34:47: @iamgeminigurl Good afternoon, girl w/ a fuschia braces =)
  • 17:17:55: @RunLolekRun Ow. I hope it’s nothing bad. Or else Cebu will lose its passionate runner =)
  • 20:08:26: 4MEN & Mi – Here I Am [Eng. Sub] – perfect song for this gloomy weather =)
  • 20:26:07: watching some no-brainer movie on hbo. miss this

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