From Twitter 02-01-2011

  • 03:44:14: i should stop saying ‘weeeehhhh’ — it’s already annoying me.
  • 04:08:27: you’re such a TEASE. and, you’re enjoying it. =)))
  • 04:13:33: Hi dear! :) I changed settings and I lost my followers :)) follow back? :D — yes.
  • 04:22:12: ABOUT. about. about. about. about. about. about. about. about. about. about. about!
  • 04:29:56: if my writing is reword — i get lost. i can no longer find my emotion in it. it’s no longer me. sucks.
  • 05:18:25: What about ‘About’??? Hoohaa
  • 06:04:02: Brownouttttt!
  • 09:20:45: Everytime @markjeee talks abt getting into another startup,part of me wants to commit suicide!
  • 10:06:02: Writer, Blogger or Reviewer a friend s looking for blooggers he can collaborate with.any1 interested,feel free to msg me
  • 10:09:25: RT @tomiahonen: I keep telling everyone apps are not a mass market (yet) but mobile web is. Mobile web costs 1/10th and reaches 10x – 20 …
  • 11:24:41: let’s get done with this, and move on.
  • 11:32:58: writing for me is sooo draining. =( i now feel spent.
  • 13:00:22: lol on that =)
  • 14:43:48: At tablea w/ @honeylynb @bernadelle from a produ-mama moment. =)
  • 16:26:50: @ericzoo i email u re your shipping address. i could no longer find it from your website. thanks
  • 17:48:56: @honeylynb so cuteee =)
  • 20:03:33: Waiting for @markjeee. Murag discohan ang office with hiffhaff music =)
  • 20:03:48: Me & @poymode – so yellow =)
  • 20:15:47: At times, i feel so high like ready to eat fire.but at times, i feel so down in the dumps,just want to curl up & stare at the space.=)

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