From Twitter 02-09-2011

  • 07:45:33: gaaahhhh. i never could figure out google sites! =(
  • 08:49:01: @firedancer67 Unsa url, joan? Hehe
  • 09:46:53: indifference is the opposite of love. and, so i don’t hate. i get indifferent.
  • 11:36:35: @anmikaela sorry about that. kindly give me the last four digits of your new number. so i can check.
  • 11:46:27: @anmikaela is that a sun number?
  • 11:55:52: @anmikaela all globe gateways working fine on my end. when did you send ur missing tweets? have u tried sending one now? sorry
  • 12:02:03: @anmikaela yes,smart works on my end.pls try to send tweet now.if it does not get posted, let me know so i can have @markjeee check ur acct.
  • 12:20:38: @anmikaela @anmisyel ooopppsss. owkeis. will ask @markjeee to check your accounts.will msg u when it’s fix. so sorry.
  • 14:02:09: Receptionist #jobs anyone interested or know someone?
  • 14:46:42: @firedancer67 ay di. nag himo ko’g screenshots sa app.testing ra to. hehe =)
  • 18:24:11: Plastic denting =)
  • 18:38:13: Wants red keds w/out d frills.
  • 19:03:55: #40 of 365 me me me @piclyf.Yummy kid’s chucks.
  • 19:13:23: No keds for my size. And i think i’m too old to wear chucks. Nadaot akong formal wear.
  • 19:25:02: @iamgeminigurl pwede pa man sa’s just they no longer hav size 7 of all the items i like. =(
  • 19:35:49: My husband will be happy, i did a girly thing – shopping. Lalalala
  • 19:39:02: Nyay. I’m mistaken for a foreigner’s girlet. do i look makailad og foreigner???
  • 20:01:34: @anmikaela sorry. not yet.
  • 21:31:28: @edgedalmacio Yes,will do.kind of busy it owkei if i ask for ur email? Thanks
  • 21:48:07: @cecilleannec Maayong buntag kapamilya?
  • 21:54:16: @cecilleannec Yay,exciting.i hope i’ll b up early tomorrow. That’s 630 noh?
  • 21:57:07: It’s #azkals all over my timeline. Di ko ka relate. But big ‘grats!
  • 22:17:12: @honeylynb Nyay. Ma conscious man sad ta. =) hehe

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