From Twitter 02-10-2011

  • 05:36:28: the UI looks changed– need to redo the whole video, ayt.
  • 05:39:43: and stick it out, gonna work it out.
  • 05:49:22: i badly need a new video workflowwww/story.the last one’s too blahhhh.
  • 05:53:06: common friend = mutual friend. can’t help but lol at ‘common friend.’
  • 06:11:07: you know that your programmers frequent github when your app looks like github. =)
  • 06:34:28: nanay thinks my ‘formal shoes’ are slippers. wtp!
  • 08:11:54: demo at eperformax means tablea date. @honeylynb @bernadelle =)))
  • 08:23:52: @kimeh nyay. thanks for letting me know. na scared tuloy ako. =))) hehe
  • 10:13:24: Lord, please give me the calmness & peace of mind. Shooo BV.
  • 10:27:50: P!nk – Just Like A Pill i miss this song! =)
  • 10:41:13: #fortyone of 365 me me me @piclyf. i’m your fink pill =)
  • 10:50:56: @vadabanana kym, aha na sad ka ron nag work? wa na ka sa elamp? nag nurse na ka? =)
  • 10:51:23: thanks p!nk for picking me up from the dumps =)
  • 11:22:04: can i just have the basic scripttttt!!! my mind always works forward — making things complicated. basic basic basic basic!
  • 15:23:32: @honeylynb & @bernadelle busy practising. While i’m busy finking =)
  • 19:29:03: sthing i learned: if people want to connect w/ u,then do they want to connect with u. duh.
  • 19:30:11: gisapot ko nimo oy. di ko ganahan motubag. wa lami.
  • 19:49:01: @chuckdreyfus ur girl looks like chuck dreyfus little girl version =) soo pretty =)

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