From Twitter 02-12-2011

  • 08:03:57: @icuresick pwede picture-an mo ako. Hehe =)
  • 08:11:11: advance congrats! RT @chrysiafranco: Kuya’s Entrance Exam for Law at San Beda is today! Wish him all the Good Luck. :) #fb
  • 09:17:38: @likke Where can i find that ‘isyu karon’? Wanna see them too.
  • 10:18:35: Gggrrrr. Why do ideas come up on weekends when it’s mothering time for me. frustrating!
  • 10:19:28: @likke Huhu. Sayang. Maybe spelldial will put it up in their fb or sthing.
  • 10:52:20: Mati’s birthday is this friday. Gaaahhh, should i prepare or what =(
  • 10:59:25: Sure.come w/ ur gap gift =) RT @AllenYu26 am I invited? :D
  • 11:31:22: Haha. Ang mama na pressured. Pwede kamo na lang nya mag date,kei =) RT @supergoddess27 can i come mati boy? -keihla :)
  • 12:16:26: @honeylynb nalingaw lang ko sa title. kay ganahan man ko pancakes =) hehe
  • 14:06:35: kinda don’t like the idea of logging in to my yahoo email, my ym account is also logged in. or is there some settings there
  • 14:15:22: @loell ow. i don’t have a ym client. =( anyhoo, nothing really biggie.
  • 14:26:26: D’Sound- Tattooed on my mind one of the songs i never get tired listening to =)
  • 14:36:02: kahilakon… sa kalipay.
  • 14:37:32: RT @aShLe311: “Don’t lament so much about how your career is going to turn out. You don’t have a career. You have a life.”
  • 15:37:58: my phone’s on its way to boinkers – can’t access pic via ‘gallery’
  • 15:40:21: I-post sa bulletin board =) RT @fredbaa: wow! congrats @khristianie and @kornbito! love story in today’s newspaper. @sheilamie @jalquisola
  • 15:41:43: =) RT @khristianie: featured. @kornbito tnx to @Sheilamie @jalquisola
  • 15:46:03: @dondizm Old age
  • 15:59:40: RT @thegirlette: also here RT @owrange: =) RT @khristianie: featured. @kornbito tnx to @Sh …
  • 16:23:43: RT @numlockph: If you missed it – Tune in to @Hashtag_Radio later at 4 p.m. to listen to @filjedi talk about the “Mobile App Era” http:/ …
  • 20:25:52: “Your identity comes from within — external recognition such as degrees and awards are only of tactical…”
  • 20:35:07: @thegirlette Naa difference?
  • 20:36:16: @iamgeminigurl No. That’s not really a blog. Just random stuff i found on net, then posted it there. U have a tumblr blog?
  • 21:00:49: #43 of 365 me me me @piclyf. Big & small mati.

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