From Twitter 02-14-2011

  • 03:45:41: happy heart’s day! =) practise safetiness! malooy mo sa overpopulation! =)
  • 03:46:19: @ahsymai the username might be changed. just re-register. =)
  • 03:46:41: @athyna happy heart’s day na sad, tins =)
  • 03:54:08: i’m a digital junkie! but more of a junkie =)
  • 04:10:15: u think i’m scratching my head right now as in now? =)))
  • 04:31:32: music is the most racist industry.can’t view MV from youtube because it’s blocked in my country!pucha.this is the land of charice pempengco!
  • 04:32:39: @AllenYu26 you should get old phone models. =) it’s law ata na hindi ma mute ang shutter sounds with the new models.
  • 04:52:38: ouch!
  • 04:54:11: some1 greeted me w/ ‘Happy 6wmentine’s Day’ — it’s just now i realized 6wmentine’s meant ‘sex with men tine’ hayst, kids.
  • 05:08:19: Smart unveils Netphone priced at P5,000-7,000. Does this mean Android will become the leading mobile OS in Philippines?
  • 05:30:27: @loell what is WAC really about? it’s like the ‘appstore’?
  • 05:57:45: Cute writer or blogger a cute male friend @workdraft is looking bloggers. seriously. =)
  • 06:04:53: cannot do both =(
  • 06:28:17: off now. will be early to drop the kids at school for their presentation churva.
  • 07:05:21: This heart’s day. It’s time to get down,roll in the mud, & get dirty.
  • 07:07:52: Anyone here who are in HR, i badly need beta users. Or you can pretend to be one. Puhleaseeee shoot me! A msg. Thankssssss
  • 07:08:32: @ron_mojacko @_PurpleRose_ @yazrei @wandering_eneri @OscarDelaHopia @czarovic happy heart’s day, rushersss!
  • 07:10:01: @iamseventh U caught me off guard w/ ur q. Will get back to u when i can think of a witty answer. Can i invite u as beta user? Thanks
  • 07:15:16: @AllenYu26 Yes. Super kainis. i used to take snapshots of people PDA-ing w/ my old phone. Haha. So how’s lindsay? =)
  • 07:16:39: @ragenstevart Thanks. @theresehabana already referred me to mark. Hehe. maowaw pa ko mo email ni mark.
  • 08:36:43: Lol. Di na mao,chel.talking abt work. RT @ragenstevart malipay gyud si Mark, Rose about ana,hehe..peace,rosee. unsay lingaw ninyo for vday?
  • 10:57:30: Great.i have one maldita daughter – did not dance for their presentation.
  • 22:01:19: Sure. RT @issatipace: Hey, can I ask something?
  • 23:18:45: #45 of 365 me me me @piclyf vday special.HHWWFKP -holdinghandswhilewaitingforkidspresentation =)
  • 23:20:51: hayst na lang jud. RT @paologlim: startup talks with @markjeee. iphones, inception, and the golden age is 25. :D
  • 23:21:30: @fredbaa Ow why?

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