From Twitter 02-15-2011

  • 08:22:09: I just earned the Valentines 2011 Badge. Check it out at #piclyf
  • 08:25:36: waah cute =) RT @ThereseHabana: so the little monster played with the toilet water, splashed w/delight like its bath time! awa ra!
  • 09:17:16: If u wanna be in bed w/ brad pitt,i wanna be in couch w/ usher =)))
  • 11:52:07: @dealwithSHEENA Pls try to re-reg ur acct. F it still does not work,pls msg me back. Sorry bout d probs
  • 12:42:40: @markjeee pls sorry RT @dealwithSHEENA pluease help! I already did… But still…it didn’t work! :'(
  • 12:42:58: @glheizey Simply text ur tweets to any of the gateway #s
  • 15:25:31: Just started following ‘honeebee’ on SlideShare.
  • 21:09:20: @poorboymark sayang didnt get to hav a pic w/ u & @looneygirl
  • 21:39:54: #46 of 365 me me me @piclyf. 3rd.
  • 21:47:17: tired. Tutoring. & i need yet to send a VI email. =)
  • 22:28:50: 2am pls wake me up. Or else i’ll break up with u!!! Just need to do a quickie important thing.
  • 22:47:57: I’s wondering if i was scratching my head during the demo earlier.

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