From Twitter 02-17-2011

  • 05:22:44: wide awake. cant put myself back to sleep. maayong buntag, cebu frm ms sebo =)
  • 05:25:46: @markjeee here’s ans RT @shanselman I wonder who is going to fix the Twitter/Facebook application? It’s been weeks. /cc @twitter RT!!!
  • 06:51:27: please don’t let it ruin my day, dear God.
  • 09:09:08: #48 of 365 me me me @piclyf. Tambay at AS UP Cebu =)
  • 09:34:38: @imjoanavictoria have u tried re-registering ur acct?if not,kindly do so.msg me back if it still not working. Thanks
  • 09:38:19: @vadabanana owkeis ra oy. reply ko dm thanks
  • 09:51:09: @Clifforever comsci week ata.kuyog ra ko nila @markjeee @iamademar @odina_ – talk sila. Pakapin ra ko.
  • 13:39:01: College gossip girls… Feeling. W/ @bernadelle at the basketball court.
  • 13:43:44: Owkeis. What’s ur q? RT @JR_obrique
  • 15:03:03: Here at up cebu,talking w/ student office head about facebook. I felt old – she can better relate to fb.
  • 16:19:16: When r u coming uli?i’ll bring u to tarzan =) RT @mr_perk: @kuyabob yeah magmeet kami ni owrange sabi nya :)
  • 16:54:06: @mr_perk huhuhuhu saturday yan. hindi pwede march 4? =)
  • 17:59:31: @mr_perk yes. bantay bata ako pag sabado. huhuhu. where will u stay pala here?
  • 23:22:23: The birthday boy tomorrow. Waiting for him to zzzzzz.
  • 23:24:47: @paologlim Don’t worry,pao. di ka nag iisa. =) @khristianie
  • 23:24:58: RT @LasagnaSurfer: If you don’t have anything to do, try reading Makes you lose weight!
  • 23:26:26: Now i’m alone. =) pasalubongggg =) RT @khristianie: @paologlim weeeeeee grats
  • 23:33:41: Baye na, poy? RT @poymode: xmonad is just awesome, wonder how I lived without it.

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