From Twitter 02-22-2011

  • 02:40:08: @bernadelle is hiding frm u. Hehe RT @i_lucrie_p rose!!!i haven’t seen berna na jud in like forever!!
  • 07:56:26: I hate my twisted sense of emotional attachment.
  • 08:03:45: My BS meter never fails me. I should not have made u an exception.
  • 08:11:42: Professional friend is a sugar coat for people you want to use.
  • 09:50:03: pandora still does not work on me.what gives? @markjeee
  • 13:44:20: @kuyabob Yes. Sorry. =(
  • 14:02:37: mmmmm. i love the features of theresumator. i want them all, money, and sunshine! =)
  • 15:20:39: i can no longer take your fakeness. owplease
  • 15:38:24: hi swan @vintage_bonita. rose ni =)
  • 15:44:26: @markjeee funny. u reacted. =)
  • 23:27:06: Hairy day today. badly needs a haircut.
  • 23:39:58: would love to do this =) RT @RunLolekRun: running in the rain is like cleansing of the soul – Patrick Concepcion
  • 23:42:17: @markjeee as efff
  • 23:44:01: Wants to drive to d nearest convenience store to grab me cheetos & ice-cold coke. But i dunno how to drive. =) @markjeee
  • 23:45:11: Woott. =) RT @michaelocana: Ryt!!! Im done with my iTouch/iPhone Demo app for Sunstar news reader.

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