From Twitter 02-23-2011

  • 06:37:21: Argggg. Left my laptop plug/wire at the office
  • 06:45:16: Sunshine thru my window that’s what u r my shining star.
  • 06:48:22: @shikishiji,sherwin,& d rest moari sad mo cebu?
  • 06:53:42: U U U
  • 07:09:50: RT @sebpaquet: How odd it is that we can visualize the endpoint so vividly yet have such a foggy sense of the path that will take us there.
  • 07:11:47: RT @2healthguru: RT @ScratchMM: we not only adopt cell phones, we marry them @healthythinker #himss11 #mhealth
  • 07:12:47: RT @MrAlanCooper: +1 RT @jboogie: Dan Pink cites “autonomy” as a powerful motivator. Self-organizing teams in #agile settings work b/c o …
  • 09:39:16: Got letter frm d school re flu shots.hayst,me keeps forgetting to bring them to their pedia.pedia’s gonna gimme some good spanking.
  • 10:16:31: @vadabanana Super thanks, mrs G =)
  • 10:17:08: @shikishiji Ayyy sad =( wanna have a fan pic w/ u & d devs pa man unta.
  • 12:45:08: yay =) getting my fanpic later =) RT @ericzoo: Cebu touchdown. going to finish my slides. still not done. :)
  • 14:03:18: This Shirt Will Soon Be Inked By the @Piclyf Founder
  • 14:16:13: Yes.pls pls pls make 1 for me. RT @shikishiji: there should be an @ericzoo badge in piclyf haha
  • 15:13:22: I love my title – USER PERSON. Thanks @hcapnet =)
  • 15:21:32: It’s owkei to crash.di man sad tanan sa rsvp moadto RT @poorboymark: @2itterist drat, just found out wala diay ko ka rsvp para unya!
  • 16:17:18: owww. weebly is under maintenance
  • 16:18:00: haha. liket =) RT @YanieeMarie @theGspeaks That’s what you call ‘tweetchin’ (twitter bitchin’) haha pati
  • 16:34:28: @imgabbielicious For d group =)
  • 17:31:38: @rukku none. i think. =)
  • 18:20:19: calling carebears / etrodeers c/o @fredbaa @odina_ ali namo
  • 21:51:03: Love the meetup. New faces. New ideas.
  • 21:55:04: #54 of 365mememe @piclyf. w/ THE @ericzoo =)
  • 23:28:02: I just gave 5 stars to TechTalks from Cebu (and Beyond)!
  • 23:29:46: @2itterist ay wa ko kita nimo. sayang.
  • 23:55:11: lalalalala

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