From Twitter 02-24-2011

  • 00:40:02: goodnight world. blowing kisses in the wind =)
  • 01:07:14: RT @honeylynb: your online picture diary. =) PicLyf – Picture Life. –
  • 07:19:42: @khristianie Enjoy the trip, kornie =)
  • 07:39:26: weeehhhh. =) RT @YTeinamikhaelaa: RT @allbigbang: forever a VIP. #BigBangisback
  • 07:42:27: @kimeh Yay. Android boy na =)
  • 07:50:25: RT @couillardf: @shells1857 Careful about having too many hands- “too many cooks spoil the soup”! #socentchat
  • 08:53:35: @kimeh Hehe. but u need to set ur IP to US or sthing to use pandora bydway. enjoy =)
  • 08:54:59: ready, fire, aim! =) RT @poorboymark: @2itterist @owrange yey! let’s go startups haha!
  • 08:58:14: @kimeh we use proxy server sthing. Di ko alam paano explain.
  • 09:00:07: I think globe mobile net wasnt working yesterday. few pics i sent to @piclyf via globenet were not posted. =(
  • 09:03:10: @kricket_rc234 Bitaw, aha naman ka? =)
  • 09:08:39: @iamgeminigurl I love your new’s beautiful. Where is that place? =)
  • 09:13:15: RT @yendreyfus: Hey tweeps! Tweet-in your most memorable vacation spot & add some tips as well to encourage travelers. #pilipinastarana …
  • 09:14:28: Lol =) RT @mr_perk: Puro na lang ako meeting wala man lang mating. Good morning!
  • 09:15:53: RT @erwinromulo: “There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.” Ronald Reagan (for @michdulce)
  • 09:18:40: @kricket_rc234 David archie probably misses his most active fangirl =)
  • 11:05:50: fighting over rulers.
  • 12:41:03: my toomuchmindreadingtalent is a double-edge sword. but at this time,it’s such a curse.i wish i can just be insensitive.
  • 12:45:44: mentally&emotionally spent.sticky&tricky.
  • 12:47:34: needs some mindless thing to tweak on. naghoot na akong brains.
  • 13:25:36: #55 of 365mememe @piclyf. Milk,cars,and game consoles. living in a home w/ mostly boys.
  • 13:28:06: @dariellubiano havent really thought abt it. Been so busy w/ another prod.hope u understand.
  • 13:41:39: @likke @kevinleversee @daveove @ericzoo where can we get copies of ur slides yesterday? =) thanks
  • 13:46:34: @paologlim Haha. pao,be good or u’ll never get publicity. @VernonGo
  • 13:48:14: Weeehhh. Nice =) RT @honeylynb: Promoting etroduce in istore
  • 14:00:09: cebu ftw =)RT @ericzoo: @LaTtEX yep, most of my trips are MLA, SEA. never Cebu pa. liking Cebu but its just been my 2nd day so its early. :)
  • 14:01:52: Sandwiched between d spoiled & d spoiler =)
  • 17:27:38: I like this pic by @ericzoo #piclyf
  • 17:44:44: after hours of bluetoothing the meetup vids, they came out with no sound. yes, i dunno cables exist!
  • 18:48:45: hearts hearts hearts RT @YTeinamikhaelaa #bigbangisback <3 :)
  • 19:26:30: @2itterist kids. Hehe.i hav 3 toddlers. =)))
  • 20:16:01: Execution is Better than Idea via @sjeanc911

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