From Twitter 02-26-2011

  • 10:01:01: Cute.i think it is RT @paologlim: wow i wonder if this is really an authentic message. :)
  • 10:02:55: As much as possible I only do things i love. that way i don’t need to be compensated.d satisfaction of just doing it is more than enough.
  • 10:05:49: PhilipPAINS =) lol RT @ohgelie: Dear co-worker, I’m from the Philippines. Not Philipp-ayns.
  • 10:19:28: RT @mic2bugash: it’s the little things that matter, always the little things.
    the absence of which we try to make up for with grand gest …
  • 10:24:35: Goodluck =) RT @akoaypayat: defense naa.
  • 10:25:27: Haha. Funny. I can really be tactless! & it’s not funny.
  • 10:26:25: @OscarDelaHopia Saddist & masochist?
  • 10:26:51: Hehe RT @igossipjanjan: ang galing mong magINGLES, bakit hindi ka magKOL SENER!
  • 10:29:44: @imgabbielicious No.i’m a nokia 4ever =) android’s my hub’s phone. Why?
  • 10:30:10: @OscarDelaHopia So are u s or m? =)
  • 13:30:19: sam & eric singing for ‘my girl’ segment. Arent they? =)
  • 13:41:45: Ww
  • 14:39:04: owws. @posterous having downtime just when i decided to post. hurhur =)
  • 14:44:07: @2itterist @poorboymark @loonygirl ow noes. This is difficult. I’m a piclyf loyal. Hehe
  • 14:44:43: @ericzoo Thanks also for ur time. It was nice learning frm u =)
  • 14:53:38: #57 of 365mememe @piclyf.My favoritest litow BIG BANG =)
  • 15:02:25: Mati invited me for a gunmatch play.gaah @markjeee tis is supposed to be ur role.
  • 15:07:01: Ow there you are kid#1 whose been out since morning. I bet u’r hungry & smelly. =)
  • 15:30:48: it gets me thinking if i’m really nice or i’m just fake.
  • 15:32:51: sometimes i’m quick to point if some1’s a fake. So yaa, i’m thinking how abt me =)
  • 17:42:39: @ariannechan He’s based in dipolog. Is that near dvo? =)
  • 18:13:28: Of course. =) will dm u RT @safari_ced: kaila ko ani nga mark? Hehehe
  • 19:05:54: @iamgeminigurl w/c gateway # u use?

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