Nokia told us in 2010 that the average person on the planet looks at the phone now 150 times per day. That means you and I will feel the compulsion to glance at our phone every six and a half minutes of every hour we are awake! Yes, its our clock and our alarm and our calendar and our map, but what do we do on it? Lets see.

The activity that gets the most use of the mobile ‘phone’ is voice calls – but that is nowhere near 100% anymore! Yes, only 88% of us will originate voice calls. For all regions now, including the USA, the primary use of a mobile phone for most users is.. SMS text messaging! 82% of all mobile phone users aleady send SMS text messges. And dont’ worry, there is no math error. More people use voice calls – but for most users, they now prefer SMS as the most used function on the phone. A 2010 survey by Zokem of mobile phone users in the USA and Europe found that 29% of our time is spent on phone messaging, and only 23% on voice calls. The trend is global with national regulators and industry associations reporting on the preference of text messaging ahead of voice calls from the USA to UK to New Zealand – in India they are at the point where 34% of mobile phone users will not originate voice calls (Yankee Group 2007). Which gives us the big decliner – while essentially all mobile phone accounts include free voicemail, the use of voicemail is down to 67% of all mobile phone subscribers. They all are doing what for example the Finnish Prime Minister was saying earlier in the past decade – their voicemail says don’t leave me voice mail, send me an SMS text message instead.

What else do we do? 71% of mobile phone subscribers will use the camera on the phone (note, only 77% of all phones in use are cameraphones!) 53% of us will listen to music on the phone (including use of ringtones and use of FM radio). Half of us have received advertising on the phone. 40% of us now send MMS picture messages. One third of us have used search on the phone and just over one in four, 26% have voted on TV shows via SMS. But of the hot story of the ‘apps’ – only 15% of the mobile phone subscribers have downloaded an app to the phone.

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  1. there are a lot of things we can do with our cell phones with our technology today as a matter of fact it is almost complete especially for entertainment like listening to your favorite music and watching TV or movie also a good way to surf the internet when you are away from your laptop or descktop computer.