From Twitter 03-03-2011

  • 06:29:10: i know this is kind of outdated but i have 4 rockmelt invites. who wants?
  • 06:48:51: @ficklebrain sorry. ngayon na ako naka reply. can u pls give me his username?
  • 06:53:15: @AllenYu26 it’s a browser that kind of integrates fb / twitter. or sthing like that.havent really used it.will invite u then
  • 06:58:58: NowShowing is launching soon and I’m one of the first in line! Join me. #launch via @nowshowingph
  • 07:00:46: @voidnothings so was what you were talking about during meetup? =)))
  • 07:06:03: @AllenYu26 i invited u to my other facebook account.i can only send the invite via fb ata.
  • 08:10:20: i churn out too much content on web -that my annoying self even existed on bugtracking apps pivotaltracker/teambox/mantis/bugzilla/spolsky’s
  • 08:40:56: so early, and yet i run out of time already.
  • 09:28:09: #62 of 365mememe to read – Giving Birth – A Journey Into the World of Mothers & Midwives
  • 09:31:05: @roui926 @twitchangel tissue wedding gown =)
  • 09:49:31: A morning of legos & playcorns. =)
  • 09:50:00: @mark_sergio Nice. Is that lego watch? =)
  • 09:51:02: @2itterist It’s a web browser w/c integrates fb /twitter. Sthing to that effect =)
  • 09:53:43: @mariidj Shared w/ u a few credits. Kindly go online frm ur globe #. Thanks
  • 09:59:15: @edgedalmacio Yes. Will send u when i’m facing my computer =)
  • 11:06:55: Too much chaos. =(
  • 11:35:12: @markjeee I can always get fired frm a startup but not from mothering YOUR kids.
  • 11:44:57: RT @THExEPICxLIFE: Hi. I’m a teenager & I speak 3 languages: English, Sarcasm, & Swearing (;
  • 11:45:09: Can senate hearing be not aired on TV? Coz it’s disappointing to see how stupid all of us are. No effin value watch…
  • 12:25:16: drafting mockups floating in my head w/ indiana jones soundtrack in d background frm mati’s games. Ngilo.
  • 13:14:35: Under the sheets w/ bf#3.wish me luck on putting this kid to sleep.
  • 16:01:46: RT @Jesse: Social Networks are for convincing your own, already acquired customers to share & build relationships w/ those that could become
  • 16:10:12: My litow monster is up, checking my work =)
  • 16:11:24: Would love to meet yours too =) RT @twitchangel i’d love to meet kid #1 2 and 3 someday :)
  • 17:56:11: Another session of this playcorn stuff w/ @megsketcher.cant wait to use these all up.
  • 18:09:56: MSG bonding w/ kid#2. Eating chichirya =)
  • 19:18:44: @markjeee ayaw pag DOTA ha.
  • 19:53:38: =) RT @kiakiakiakia: GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD GD Sarang. Im falling..

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