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  • 05:47:16: i’d rather by luther vandross feeling melancholic =)
  • 06:10:42: @pilyosopo philosopoholic. =)
  • 07:35:07: a friend in my heart, but a stranger in my mind.
  • 07:38:24: @TheMTBJunkie at gunpoint, really?
  • 07:43:45: @TheMTBJunkie ow sucks. but looking at the brighter side, at least no one’s hurt.
  • 08:06:54: opened my friendster acct,and saw old pics. kid#3 at prolly bet 2-3months. =)
  • 08:15:42: legos =)
  • 08:29:20: @supergoddess27 What vid? Bigbang? katong tonight ug mga teasers lang. Naa ka nahibaw an lain?
  • 08:36:47: @ThereseHabana Yes. I miss the baby part. Ang baby lang jud. just don’t include the process of taking care & sleepless nights. Hehe
  • 08:40:08: @supergoddess27 Lagi. Bitin. di man kaayo nako feel ang tonight actually. mana ang superjr concert sa mnla?
  • 08:42:13: I think for d 1st time,i’ll go out on a weekend f meetup w/ @mr_perk will push thru.
  • 08:45:55: Taeyang is ymmierrr! RT @supergoddess27: TOP is HOT!
  • 09:36:22: Off to magellan’s cross. This is funny thing to do for a cebu local. =) only ‘tourists’ go to magellan’s cross,me thinks.
  • 09:52:21: Worse: heavy traffic. Worst: air supply music blasting frm the taxi’s
  • 10:03:48: @TheMTBJunkie @ficklebrain i feel they’re the reason why every pinoy singer is a birit king/queen. Hehe peaCe =)
  • 10:04:28: Manong,pls fly me to magellan’s cross. =|
  • 10:13:10: What? RT @TheMTBJunkie Hahaha! But do you know from which movie that funny line came from?
  • 12:03:10: Lol. So unplanned of me. nakaswerte RT @mr_perk: Going to Naga Cebu with owrange
  • 13:51:10: Yes.they’re all girls,right? RT @dondizm: owrange have you heard of After School? ^_^ #kpop
  • 14:48:33: I think SM is having sale. Not bad to be here today
  • 15:56:44: Oww f, marriot’s wifi requires login. =(
  • 16:07:10: Gawd, i’m super sleepyboredzzzzzz.if only pwede moligid sa couch sa lobby sa marriot.
  • 16:08:41: Waiting is such a torture for my adhd-ness. =|
  • 17:37:58: Nyay. Naabtan sa trapik sa supermetro =( i’ll go straight to church @markjeee
  • 19:05:49: sa simbahan. Anticipated mass. =) RT @ariannechan late na sa date? Yihee ;)
  • 19:33:59: Welcome.that was a surprise treat din. sige,go.sieze cebu. =) RT @mr_perk: hey thanks kanina. Kakabalik ko pa lang. Lalabas pa ba Ako?
  • 20:25:18: why would people say they have better life when they have car & bigger house?i don’t get it.
  • 20:28:48: @kuyabob Shared w/ u already earlier.

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