From Twitter 03-08-2011

  • 07:12:02: Bill on free Wi-Fi in gov’t offices filed in Congress mmmm =)
  • 08:18:39: Happy birthday, @mr_perk! =)))
  • 08:20:55: @mr_perk Kainggit sa profile pic mo =) mermaid na mermaid =)
  • 08:23:16: @LifeGean Owkeis. @markjeee will check on ur acct. Sorry for d trouble
  • 09:08:27: @kentisnowhere Owkeis. Will do =)
  • 09:41:07: @markjeee needs to check on it. Are u sun user? RT @kentisnowhere
  • 11:53:29: @ericzoo Yay. we’re doing a start from scratch =( u know what i mean. But will do invite u.devs wont let me yet.
  • 13:45:49: @kentisnowhere it’s owkei.we’re at work now.@markjeee will look at it when he’s free. i’ll msg u when it’s fix.hoping for ur understanding
  • 16:02:04: @ahsymai Ooyyy who is that u missing? =)
  • 19:24:52: Little things: getting ‘thank you notes’ out of nowhere. =)
  • 22:37:43: And happy birthday =) RT @khristianie: hapi 3rd mantsary @kornbito labshoe :)
  • 22:38:30: Huh? Why? RT @LasagnaSurfer: Remember Flor Contemplacion? Her son just got convicted with life improsenment. Sad. Really sad.
  • 23:13:13: U’r so fab =) RT @YanieeMarie:
  • 23:14:52: Who will see the beauty in ur eyes? & who will b there to catch u if u fall? =)

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