From Twitter 03-13-2011

  • 04:49:43: RT @tweetitow: There will be power shutdown at my location for 2 hours. I might be off until tomorrow. PLS RT
  • 04:50:12: “Microcopy is small yet powerful copy. It’s fast, light, and deadly. It’s a short sentence, a phrase, a…”
  • 04:50:52: RT @whitneyhess: Fantastic talk by @dbinetti. “Remember: you’re building a business, not a product.” THANK YOU! #leanstartup #sxsw
  • 08:49:59: Fancakes & vacons =) for vrakpast =)
  • 08:50:25: @ederic Hehe =) no more na =)
  • 10:01:20: Paying attention to horton kinda feels like sophie’s world noh.
  • 10:18:10: RT @vkhosla: #sxsw quote “school takes twelve years to teach you you are not good at most subjects”
  • 10:18:14: RT @tweetitow: There was power shutdown at my location for 2 hours. I might be off until tomorrow. PLS RT
  • 11:37:27: @ilovemz Yes. There was a power shutdown earlier. Will try to turn it on this afternoon.pls tell ur friends.
  • 11:38:05: @boplaksnakelot Tweetitow is off. There was a power shutdown earlier kasi. Kaya na off. Will turn it on later this pm.
  • 11:44:14: @LasagnaSurfer Pls inform diay beh. There was power shutdown earlier at it’s down for now. Will turn it on back this pm.
  • 11:45:49: Me watching u watching me watching u. Checkmate =)
  • 11:47:50: @ahsymai Yes. Pls tell ur friends. power shutdown earlier. Will turn it back on later this afternoon. Thanks
  • 11:55:21: Well,nothing really new. Hehe RT @tweetitow: I, @tweetitow, am Down Today
  • 12:00:11: @LasagnaSurfer 4chan is datchu?
  • 12:48:09: @imgabbielicious Yes.
  • 12:48:31: @ahsymai Haha. Thanks. =) greatly appreciate it.
  • 13:31:16: @carmcast Havent seen much of u here. Busy w/ biz? nice headshot, mura si kym =)
  • 16:33:06: RT @Scobleizer: Little details make the experience. Ever notice the rugs at W Hotels are always different by the eleva @ W Hotel http:/ …
  • 16:33:51: @heywhereyou Ow why?
  • 16:40:18: Aha naman ako mga anak nag laroy2x??? Google, pls help!
  • 17:04:24: #71 of 365mememe @piclyf.meg’s favorite past/present/futuretime.
  • 17:06:46: Under a pine tree babysitting =)
  • 17:12:56: @boplaksnakelot Yes. But i’m not sure if nasa android market na ang @piclyf.i got it frm another site.
  • 17:24:06: @imgabbielicious It was down earlier
  • 17:46:10: Dear Lord, please please help @markjeee.
  • 17:52:48: What do u call a male mistress?
  • 17:56:42: @aShLe311 ay nothing biggie, ash. char lang =)
  • 18:03:11: @aShLe311 @marrihliesse haha. Funny kaayo interpretation si inlove ashley, yeng. =)
  • 18:04:10: @aShLe311 ka boring sad ana nga term. Nothing fancier than that?
  • 20:37:10: Wants d kid#3 to fall asleep fast so i can continue tutoring kid#1,then search kid#2 in the neighborhood.
  • 20:58:47: =) RT @jepoilazaro: 1 universe, 8 planets, 192 countries, 180,497 islands, 85 seas, 7 billion people & I am still Single!
  • 22:33:55: @Carloowww When did u last reg?

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