From Twitter 03-15-2011

  • 08:38:18: Kid#3 keeps showing the ‘dagat’ in the p20-bill, then dives into the planggana. =)
  • 08:43:23: Huhu RT @IE: #IE9 launch is almost here. Watch our live press event on News Center starting at 5:30 PM Pacific time #IE
  • 08:44:11: yay.a great day to b chilean. =) RT @newsycombinator: Chile to give 300 startups $40,000
  • 08:53:13: “i think @IE is a female browser having PMS.moody,unreasonable,self-focused,fickleminded,& won’t stop…”
  • 08:55:01: and it doesn’t help if one of the team mates is an @IE lover. =)))
  • 09:05:44: if one is really exceptional,a start-up visa won’t matter.
  • 09:06:39: Can i die now? Jowk RT @IE We’re getting close to RTW and the #IE9party! It’s almost time to celebrate.
  • 09:08:09: RT @Matt_Alt: Important note. In spite of dangerous situation, nobody except foreign media is using terms like “nuclear nightmare.” Don’ …
  • 09:11:44: @haroldjames1988 ‘morningggggg, mcdoboy =)
  • 12:14:05: @markjeee pls check @Carloowww ate, i can tweet na, but I cant go ol haha dahil ba dalawang number yung nakaregstr sa account na to?
  • 12:27:41: ticking off bugs from a list is such a pleasure. =) just like finding bugs. =)
  • 16:04:47: fairytales and unicorns =)))
  • 17:34:41: #72 of 365mememe @piclyf.@honeylynb trying chairs for @iamademar @odina_ gerda =)
  • 17:36:08: Bleehhh.rose,naa ka nahibaw-an surplus-an? Ngita mi chairs for d apt. @psssht
  • 18:13:32: @honelynb the hustler haggler =)
  • 18:16:31: Sorry no idea.let’s ask @ericzoo RT @boplaksnakelot: @piclyf owrange is PicLyf site DOWN?
  • 19:14:00: Woot!best thing that happen to PH internet RT @piclyf: @psssht We’ve roll out PicLyf v1. Curious on your positive or negative feedback… :)
  • 19:17:25: yes. the new @piclyf makes me salivate!!! =)))
  • 19:48:23: My First Pic via Piclyf ver 1.0. Reminiscing my First Post of it, times, =)
  • 19:50:56: @boplaksnakelot they release their version 1 =)
  • 19:56:21: @boplaksnakelot the web version pa ata.
  • 20:05:38: blogger’s kinda boinkers lately =(((
  • 20:32:34: @Jonver_David Ay no. The blogger’s editor is kinda problematic lately. Or it might just be on my end though.
  • 22:58:42: Royal family =) RT @honeylynb: It was fun while it lasted…
  • 23:00:18: @marrihliesse Take care, yeng
  • 23:00:43: I kinda miss fudge. @markjeee puhleaseeeee
  • 23:04:15: Thank, God, for the SLAP. =)
  • 23:23:35: @DeeRudeBoy Yes, will check. Thanks
  • 23:25:30: Fudge fudge fudge fudge fudge fudge fudge fudge
  • 23:33:31: RT @gloryreborn: We will continue to look outside our own walls in an effort to improve Maternal HealthCare throughout the #Philippines.
  • 23:34:19: </3
  • 23:50:48: @RomaRomaAhAhAh Owkeis. Happy birthday. When i got load,i will.
  • 23:58:30: Meg: ngano niingon man ka, papa, ‘what the f*ck.’ #goodparenting
  • 23:58:46: Akala mo lang meron, pero wala wala wala.

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