From Twitter 03-16-2011

  • 07:28:44: #77 of 365mememe @piclyf. Meg’s megasketcher
  • 07:41:01: RT @joshtadena: Just finished our Mac training. Mac is not virus-free anymore, you know? :)
  • 07:41:23: RT @LeadToday: On March 15th, 1985: The first Internet domain name is registered (
  • 07:49:03: RT @rjs: The gap between a designer’s concept and their ability to implement gets filled with painful process.
  • 07:53:42: agik-ik RT @DigitalTrends: Jon Bon Jovi says Steve Jobs killed the music industry
  • 08:25:50: I decide based on M. Meaning.
  • 08:28:01: Noninoninoni. Will buy kiddie stuff for the beach this weekend =)
  • 08:31:23: Love is always unreciprocated.if you want assurance of being reciprocated,then you’re in it for a business. Not love.
  • 08:35:40: di ko ka gets sa mga tawo nga 100% of their tweets are all abt shocking seems they take pleasure frm consuming/sharing bad news.
  • 08:37:44: making twitter more secure??? Duh. I’ll pay for my account to be hacked just so i can be a celebrity. echus.
  • 08:39:51: Eraserheads? =) RT @wandering_eneri: Poorman’s Grave!
  • 08:41:18: Mabuhay miles will be discontinued by july. Whatodo with mark’s miles. Batanes?
  • 08:44:21: @jUde_MD I business you so much, doc =) ana na lang. Agik-ik
  • 08:53:24: Attention is the most basic human need.2nd is venting out emotion. Thus facebook more popular than twitter?
  • 08:54:05: And camwhoring is also now a basic human need. =)
  • 08:55:44: And talking to oneself is rose’s basic need. =)
  • 08:56:54: I love talking to interesting people, that’s probably the reason why i always talk to myself.
  • 09:04:34: @marvinisaac Wala. Why, mr marvin? =)
  • 09:06:12: U take an effort to understand a person but then u realize whatdheck that person doesn’t even undertand her/his self.
  • 09:29:53: @marvinisaac Ay no.=( fan / cheerer lang ako ng start-up. but f u like to connect w/ some1 in manila, i can ask arnd. msg mo lang ako ha.
  • 12:26:59: You’re a player. I’m a pro-lover. =)
  • 12:27:20: I want a garage like this BT surplus shop. =)
  • 12:43:25: @iamademar realized that finding chairs/tables is not easy… When u’r in a surplus shop.
  • 13:11:39: digimons/pokemons.i’m not really sure what they’re called.but i got them for p5/each at d surplus shop.cutesies. =)
  • 13:27:01: so the new yahoo mail beta puts their homepage in your email.which means yahoo’s most busy page is the email?not much go to their home?
  • 14:26:34: @fukurinalip Pls send /credits so u can check ur credits. I dm u ur # of credits. @yahin06
  • 19:53:18: read the motto
  • 21:14:18: Fudge dets w/ @markjeee after k1. (@ Fudge Restaurant)
  • 23:21:00: @markjeee Haha nanglibak ay. Me wants to mingle w/ them.
  • 23:21:59: Buhakhak. I love that RT @ariannechan: You bore me.
  • 23:23:52: I wonder who got to sing my ‘sometimes’ by britney spears song – @odina_ @iamademar @hcapnet @honeylyn @karenei @leahdoris @sjean961
  • 23:44:47: @sjeanc911 Ay =( ako to peborit song. Wa diay ganahan ato lain

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