From Twitter 03-17-2011

  • 06:32:52: @supergoddess27 ako ata ideal girl ni taeyang. sorry na lang ni IU =)))
  • 06:40:20: Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles the song i did not get to sing last night.cockroaches prolly stopped it =)
  • 06:45:46: Sometimes – Britney Spears my 1999 ‘crush’ song =)))
  • 07:02:45: Stevie Wonder – Knocks Me Off My Feet the song i dunno the i know, thanks google.i cute this song
  • 07:51:31: made u tweet. RT @hcapnet: Microsoft IE, why don’t you un-invent yourself. You have been the bane of my existence.
  • 10:07:04: @markjeee’s doing a monologue.while i’m also doing a monologue in my head. #morningcommute
  • 11:04:15: usher just got the baddest lyrics.=)Im better when I touch & go
    Im trying to add yo name to my hall of fame
    Not just a player,Im a pro lover
  • 11:07:41: @DeeRudeBoy sent already. u can check by sending /credits
  • 13:01:10: to remedy pain, let’s go thru it again until numbness takes over =)))
  • 16:00:50: @ludy2244 Yes
  • 22:37:12: waiting for my finish line to happen.
  • 22:38:02: @brIrene17 will check. soweee
  • 23:00:03: RT @tomiahonen: Wow, didn’t know this RT @caaarlo @pvesterbacka said Angry Birds was Rovio’s 52nd game, they started in 2003 #future15
  • 23:10:03: I’m #reading Giving Birth by Catherine Taylor
  • 23:11:45: #73 of 365mememe @piclyf.reunited w/ ‘endo.
  • 23:19:20: @tishbuchan Will check it. Thanks
  • 23:26:52: @khristianie Ohwhy? =((
  • 23:29:49: RT @Whatleydude: “Social Media isn’t about Technology, it isn’t about being online or offline. It’s simply about being Human.” Me, 2008 …

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