From Twitter 03-27-2011

  • 07:01:39: buhakhak. RT @aShLe311: “Kung maghihintay ka nang lalandi sayo, walang mangyayari sa buhay mo. Dapat lumandi ka din.”
  • 07:03:07: No. d kid is way too cuter RT @LasagnaSurfer: Me ordering pizza.
  • 07:05:22: Wee. Litow miro. Girl or boy? RT @ThereseHabana: Welcome Raio!
  • 07:18:45: looking for caregiver for seoul, kr. to my kpop fanatic friends,any1 interested. =) #job
  • 08:35:16: @iamjessantd @duhnisse yes. yestrday. it’s owkei now. sorry about it
  • 08:40:17: OMG. I love caseylyn francisco.she’s so smart. RT @chuckiedreyfus: RT @jiritajackson: Remember Chuckie Dreyfus?
  • 08:57:30: @supergoddess27 Pwede. ah imo sis? Gai nya ko email add nimo beh pls.
  • 10:08:13: i need all the GV in the world, Lord pls.
  • 10:33:24: @supergoddess27 dm u, flor.kindly double check sa spam folder lang ang invite. thanks
  • 11:25:44: thank God for MD batchmates. easy to ask for advice.
  • 14:40:52: @ThereseHabana Ow another boy. =) waahhh how cute.
  • 14:41:59: The most exciting thing to happen =) RT @LasagnaSurfer: Guess what. Time for @tweetitow Trivia Challenge!!!
  • 15:58:59: I just learn frm the masters RT @ariannechan: @LasagnaSurfer ask owrange na lang. She knows all things KPOP. ;)
  • 16:42:27: Hello again, velez. nalibot na ata nako tanang rooms ninyo. =)
  • 16:49:34: no. Ako nanay. Nothing serious. Hopefully. RT @LasagnaSurfer: owrange heyyyy! na admit ka?
  • 16:57:06: I’m a loyal to this dilapidated hospital.sayang wa na lang si godo diri.maau ta to storya2xan. Hehe RT @jUde_MD try sa VCMC :)
  • 17:05:05: @jUde_MD lagi,naa na sya perpetual.after ur specialization? US na ka?
  • 17:13:48: @jUde_MD: i agree.gamay ra doctors for rheuma.ako nanay ka barba. =)
  • 17:19:14: Ticktock.the waiting begins.
  • 17:21:32: Our hospital room is orange. =))) thank, God.
  • 18:52:20: Ticktock.waiting. I’m close to tweeting 100factsaboutme to beat boredom.TV’s not helping.
  • 19:00:12: Thanks, @i_lucrie_p =) sayang wa ta nag abot. s ur papa owkei na?
  • 19:29:41: “Meaning Is the New Money” – RT @AlanRosenblith: Meaning Is the New Money – via…
  • 20:23:57: That’s why i’m bored coz i dont hav internet. =§ RT @devpopol might help if you have access to internet.. ;-)
  • 20:38:26: Missing badly my bugoys. @markjeee
  • 22:50:45: RT @MrAlanCooper: RT @danmartell: If you ask someone to sign an NDA, it usually means your idea sucks.

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