From Twitter 03-28-2011

  • 00:36:00: Cannot sleep. Scattered brains. Anyhoo,hospital rooms are not for peaceful sleep. Enough whining.i’m lucky to b n a hospital.
  • 01:00:39: @dondizm Not me.
  • 06:05:27: feels extra happy when i realized it’s still march, and march has’s nice to have d extra 1day.
  • 07:38:00: Came across wonder pets while switching channels. makes me miss badly my kids#123.
  • 08:00:54: @anaaviso i saw u on TV – amazingcebu channel. =)
  • 08:34:30: Countries w/ d best stats on maternal & infant well-being r those that hav natl heath-care systems that allow unive…
  • 08:54:18: @daveove that was frm ‘giving birth’ book by c. Taylor. I wanna be a midwife. =)
  • 08:55:06: @daveove hope i can be part of @gloryreborn one day. =)
  • 11:57:02: i badly need a happy face.
  • 12:33:41: @markjeee @odina_ hehe. Parehas mo reply :)
  • 13:12:12: @viatchigab u’r not online. text ‘/on’
  • 13:37:08: I’m just not good at pretending right now.
  • 18:18:05: @i_lucrie_p ato na lang tawgon og ‘this too shall pass’ =)
  • 18:33:34: @markjeee kindly check RT @outside_jaymz: @tweetitow having problems with the globe service today… fyi

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