From Twitter 03-30-2011

  • 06:47:40: back to being connected. hello internet — ADD feeder.
  • 06:50:36: @odina_ ow hello there, fans. =) hehe see you tomorrow. =) i misshes you more. =)
  • 08:41:07: @daveove wow.thanks for d invite & d book recommendation. =) would love to meet ur wife.
  • 08:41:54: “@ilovemz: @owrange HAPPY FACE FOR YOUUUUUU :D” –> sooo cute. thanks
  • 08:44:29: twitter makes disaster news an entertainment.
  • 08:48:01: @boplaksnakelot drag queen? drugged queen? =)))
  • 11:49:00: RT @ThereseHabana: The Lord is my strength, He is my savior. Why should I fear at all..
  • 12:21:13: Omy the king of popcorn is now on twitter. =) RT @stuffwageesays: someone: tugnaw kaau!
    wagee: tugnaw kaau? tuglater nalang. :3
  • 14:06:49: I want to change my avatar to a real pic of me but i want it beautiful – physically beautiful. Is that possible.
  • 16:23:20: Senior citizen discount is such a big help. But it sucks that you have to be scrutinized like u’r a criminal every time u use it.
  • 16:38:02: I don’t understand ‘scented’ sanitary napkins. Unsa man taxi kay butangan scented air freshener.
  • 18:38:47: Late ata brain processing nila. Peace. =) RT @kuyabob: Lagi lang namang mga reactive ang mga pulitiko. Try being proactive, for a change.
  • 20:03:39: OMg OMG OMG. i have the same birthdate of Taeyang — may 18!!!!
  • 20:13:08: @pilyosopo tiguwang naman gud ka mao di ka kaila ni taeyang =))) pero inferness, bootan jud ng mga mayo =)
  • 20:14:41: @ficklebrain haha =))) yes. kpopper and hiphopper =)
  • 20:15:37: @pilyosopo dont hate me, wala pa ko’y iphone =)))
  • 20:16:22: @21eina @ohgelie @supergoddess27 yes,we’re close noh. heheh except that he’s 1988, while mine is 1981. =)
  • 20:31:47: Taeyang – Wedding Dress (English Version) if this is really him.he’s english is sooper cute =)
  • 21:07:26: @pilyosopo Hiphone lang ako =)
  • 21:08:03: @ilovemz Sure,why not. Though i don’t think i’ll b adding value to ur CV =)
  • 23:46:27: #82 of 365mememe @piclyf.

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