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  • 06:52:03: RT @umairh: RT @gapingvoid: Even the best stuff coming out of Silicon Valley kinda makes me go, “OK…. cool… So what?” (Exactly.)
  • 06:56:57: RT @PeterGriffinn: Facebook should change it from ‘Friends’ to ‘People I’ve made eye contact with’.
  • 08:21:03: My 5 sets of AppSumo’s Lean Startup SXSW Bundles from @ericzoo.I can’t use them all so I’m sharing them.Interested?D…
  • 08:50:52: i thought so too.@appsumo should get me for testing. Hehe RT @ericzoo Why is that 5 sets? i think thats a bug. supp…
  • 16:40:53: Join me at the upcoming Threadless Worldwide Meetup Day! #Threadlessday for free pizza, i’m in!!!!
  • 18:36:31: Wa ko didto ron =( RT @cladosky Kumusta ang Threadless Day Meetup nganha? Karon pa nako nabasa ang update. :'(
  • 18:42:41: Adto ba. RT @cladosky Karon pa gyud nako nabasa ang update aiyh. tsk! I hope mag post sila pics. hehehe
  • 18:52:39: I’ll tweet u na lang f naa ko didto.would like to meet u.can u dm me ur# RT @cladosky: Maabot ko ngadto mga 7.30 na. hehehe late na. pffft!
  • 22:34:56: Mute
  • 23:01:43: weehh symbian =) RT @ericzoo: April is off to roaring start! Symbian app done, Android app in great hands, and focusing on iPhone app.
  • 23:03:37: @jUde_MD What u’ll do in mla? =) u’r leaving community hospital then?
  • 23:08:05: RT @ryan_chua: RT @IamJDeeFierce: Mag-I LOVE YOU ka sa crush mo. Pag positive ang reaction,magbunyi ka. Pag negative,sabihin mo,”Happy A …
  • 23:09:35: RT @vgr: Idea: It takes about 1-3 years to build a useful web presence around a typical idea. If you have even a glimmer of an idea, sta …
  • 23:15:25: @OscarDelaHopia Avast

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