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  • 07:45:26: @boozaub U cant, brot. Deactivate lang.
  • 07:51:20: I think there are too many things happening in my life this week, i no longer know what to feel, how to react. Bring them on. =)
  • 08:04:27: RT @alexknowshtml: I’m increasingly convinced that people don’t actually want a better place to work. They really want better coworkers.
  • 08:41:26: #8x of 365mememe @piclyf. Leon Kilat St. – old street of cebu. It’s been a long time i’d been to this part of cebu.
  • 08:45:14: Check out ‘Onward’ by schultz @markjeee get this book
  • 08:49:42: Craigslist — the app launch a thousand apps
  • 08:53:21: CHART OF THE DAY: Facebook Has Little Effect On What You Buy Online really???
  • 08:59:21: Check out Rock Health, the seed accelerator for health startups: @Rock_Health
  • 09:07:31: when i came across it, it’s kinda heartbreaking.
  • 09:34:04: Daily Deals: Webcam / USB memory for 100 pesos only!
  • 09:36:39: therefore, i conclude emotions are unnecessary.
  • 10:27:40: @boozaub That’s not true, brot. I deactivated mine.But i was able to activate it again after like 6mos.
  • 11:05:46: am i a jinx?
  • 12:38:06: I think i left my alcogel at alejandro’s
  • 12:40:30: Ahak. RT @jUde_MD: It was April Fool’s Day yesterday! Im not leaving for Manila and staying there for good. hehe. Just joking :)
  • 13:24:04: To get to a real person when contacting citibank customer center, dial ext *0
  • 15:36:18: RT @Skushno: “Excellence isn’t about working extra hard to do what you’re told. It’s about taking the initiative to do work you decide i …
  • 17:37:21: Accckkk. My cc’s expired =(
  • 19:41:01: Happy loversary =) RT @ilovemz: THREE YEARS AND TEN MONTHS WITH YOU. ONLY YOU :”>

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