From Twitter 04-04-2011

  • 02:04:50: yay! i’s able to get a kpop station on =) can’t get kpop on pandora.
  • 07:03:25: Just started following ‘jossylala’ on SlideShare.
  • 07:09:13: k: animalistic. @vadabanana would love to check that simply j’s =)
  • 08:16:05: RT @tweetitow: I’ll be down for a few hours. I’m moving servers. PLS RT thanks
  • 08:40:09: @honeylynb Owkei ra. Basta plete lang =)
  • 08:42:05: @twitchangel Sayon ra na, weng. Turn urself into a goat =)
  • 08:43:03: @twitchangel But seriously, ask ur doc if it’s sthing u need meds or pwede ra diet. But bata pa man ka, diet ra na.
  • 08:54:22: @devpopol Magtukog kag building? =)
  • 08:54:43: RT @markjeee: moving @tweetitow to a new data center. looks like the db is taking some time to load. 6 gigs of tweets!
  • 09:03:19: @devpopol U in samar? Or naa ka cebu ron?
  • 09:03:59: Good morning, gwapo =) RT @bobbyjonc: Gloomy monday morning. I need an inspiration, a goodmorning text will do. Hihi!
  • 09:04:22: RT @shanselman: When did the Top Tweets on Twitter become a bunch of pithy teen inspirational quotes? It’s AOL all
    over again.
  • 09:14:33: “All caps are fine in contexts that don’t involve read ing, such as logos and acronyms.” – Why Text in All…
  • 09:21:40: yay. my recently added links are not saved. might be w/ d latest update to instapaper.
  • 09:58:09: @devpopol Wa ra oy,shy man ko. =)))
  • 10:27:19: test @tweetitow tow
  • 10:32:07: @iamgeminigurl We moved servers earlier. tweets were on expect ur tweets posted late. Sorry =(
  • 10:40:28: @ThereseHabana yay. i didnt know u’d been thru a lot w/ ur last birth. but happy all is well now =)
  • 11:49:17: @iamgeminigurl it’s fine now.
  • 13:37:39: i’m getting request to like their pic for a promo to get free tickets for justin bieber. anyone who has entry for me to like?
  • 14:09:57: amazon cloud drive would be more amazing if it will let me buy and store mp3/music.
  • 14:24:48: is craving for fudge. @markjeee
  • 14:58:03: @psssht di ko sosyal oy. arte jud ng mga itunes/amazon or the music industry jud — di sila papalit if from PH.
  • 15:11:32: me likes the nescafe 3-in-1 brown sugar coffee variety. not that insanely sweet.
  • 15:18:39: @psssht discrimination kaayo. hehe. as if dili ta dollar earner. =) hehe
  • 20:18:25: fudge me @markjeee pls
  • 20:34:10: RT @pilyosopo: It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult. ~ Seneca
  • 21:31:13: 1 down. 1 more to go – ffup w/ doctor tomorrow.
  • 22:26:16: Battle scars. I love them all. =)
  • 22:36:32: RT @mharkus: Fusiongarage is still looking for android developer who can work on the framework codes. Ping if interested or u know some1 …
  • 22:38:15: Ooyyy =) RT @jimbocortes: there are lots of lady programmers nowadays and they are good at it :)
  • 22:38:40: It’s time to make bieber app =) RT @ericzoo: too much Bieber today.
  • 23:13:50: enough of pa tweetums. =)

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