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  • 07:26:05: Home’s a lot quieter with @megsketcher away backpacking w/ her Lola.girls are that loud.
  • 07:54:25: Inun-Onan & itlog for pamahaw =)))
  • 08:27:21: @markjeee What’s d drama?
  • 08:27:33: RT @ericzoo: Our new twidlnauts just had their first commits up on the live site. #proud
  • 08:29:59: @fredbaa I appreciate u, fred =)
  • 08:37:58: Mati’s ‘endo is broke again. & now he’s throwing fits. Yati ra.
  • 09:08:00: I felt world’s problems now are makes living life more difficult as there is no cause worth fighting for.
  • 16:57:38: =))) thank God for guarding us. =)
  • 17:14:50: Pugngi jud ko!
  • 17:24:48: u probably thought u’r having d last laugh. Yes, that’s u’r last laugh. =)
  • 18:25:49: @firedancer67 @karenei charr ra to. Hehe =)
  • 18:51:45: RT @ericzoo: Wow, waiting list for PicLyf is 10x more than i expected. #pleasant
  • 19:38:47: “Because any great things are worth doing slowly. (Idea is swiped from the ‘Three Cups of Tea’ by Greg…”
  • 19:51:08: DBSK – My Little Princess [super HQ!!] i think dbsk is my next fave to bigbang =)
  • 20:07:52: @Samanthuuuuh kindly register again. the system might b down when u reg earlier. so sorry about that
  • 20:08:59: picking up my scattered random works. trying to make something out of them.
  • 20:13:32: @sabriyya glad.u like it. greg mortensen books are beautiful/inspiring. =)
  • 20:17:46: @Samanthuuuuh msg me if u’r still having probs.
  • 20:23:34: @Samanthuuuuh u can receive the confirmation via mention on’s instant if there is no probs
  • 20:33:21: was my domain.didnt renewed it, & now it’s parked & for sale at $1,695 — CRAZY!i just bought it at $10 before.
  • 20:42:58: @Samanthuuuuh are u a smart user?
  • 20:54:23: @Samanthuuuuh sun can be delayed.we have weak signal at our area for sun.anyhoo, we’ll check ur acct later. we’ll msg u if ur reg gets in
  • 21:24:28: @ludy2244 Is she sun/smart/globe user?
  • 21:25:10: Work with me as we make the world to forget nothing
  • 21:29:29: @surgicalphone mmmm. will check.
  • 21:29:52: RT @tweetitow: Win an IPOD shuffle when you grow your ETRODUCE contact list PLS RT
  • 23:06:40: goodnight, world. wish u sleep with peaceful mind. =)

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