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  • 07:00:55: Agik ik! =) RT @firedancer67: Sheesh, people. The days of Geocities have ended. Stop putting autoplay music on your sites.
  • 07:02:31: shagit T @paologlim: Shout!!! is now known as Pido –
  • 07:10:07: RT @al3x: Tired of seeing the word “finally” in tech news headlines. Good things take time.
  • 07:15:10: RT @minnie6998: Creating buzz but not creating a community is a mistake a lot of people make with social media says @Jason_Pollock #GrowCo
  • 07:21:41: Happy bieberday! RT @DABieberVille: It’s 5:30 AM April 9 here! Officially my 17th Birthday! :D Good morning world (;
  • 07:32:56: @i_lucrie_p Yes, what book u can suggest,lucri.kanang for beginners jud. Super thanks
  • 08:26:25: RT @LasagnaSurfer: Good morning tweetitards! There will be no trivia tomorrow. I am in Manilaysia as of the moment. Be back next week. P …
  • 08:54:09: What am i doing towards what i really want?
  • 09:01:29: @tHerEaLtErrii Haha. So true that.
  • 09:05:56: @roui926 I can help =)
  • 09:06:28: wow! RT @fredbaa: Just conquered Willie’s. Whew! Hardcore times. #fb
  • 09:10:13: @roui926 U using wp for ur ba?what u want to happen ba w/ twitter?display twitter/fb buttons on ur posts?
  • 09:13:55: @roui926 U mean ig publish/save nimo sa imo post, mo automatically share sa twitter?
  • 09:20:20: @roui926 pls check the screenshot. i hope that helps re wp to twitter.
  • 11:06:40: Rose pharmacy is nicer re dealing w/ senior citizen discount. Mercury drugstore such a snob. #justsaying
  • 11:15:31: yes.all network RT @iSamanthaQ Does @tweetitow accomodate TM number?
  • 11:33:30: @ahsymai =( kindly tell them i’m sorry.we’re just so busy w/ other project the past months,we’re not able to give m…
  • 12:24:58: Junkfood loading =)
  • 13:04:00: @iSamanthaQ kindly reg again now. There was probes w/ registration the previous days. Sowee
  • 13:05:04: @flysupergirl this is ur new acct, fickledbrain?
  • 14:04:30: my instapaper is gone. hayst, my kids.
  • 14:39:41: looks like @instapaper changed their login to use email add.i only use username,i dunno how to access it =(
  • 14:41:39: @ahsymai there’s very high volume of users in globe, that’s one of d reason why its gateways usually hang w/c causes delays
  • 15:26:23: @i_lucrie_p mag grade 1 sya. ba be bi bo bu level.3-4 letter words pa jud in super beginner.
  • 16:00:13: What are you doing towards your dream? my next killers app =)
  • 16:05:44: Beach weather =)
  • 16:59:03: @ahsymai super agree w/ ur friend =)))
  • 17:34:42: The fastest way to move on is to find a new one.
  • 17:36:29: Dida =) RT @poymode: @paologlim pidobear
  • 17:36:45: RT @lizzybarriga: RT @TheNotebook Sometimes rejection is just God’s way of saying you’re headed in the wrong direction.
  • 17:37:48: @LasagnaSurfer Hi to the cutest girl =)
  • 19:25:36: Creating is addicting.
  • 19:33:07: Cheetos & quezo real icecream. Cheese overload =)
  • 20:53:28: looking 4 kickarse hackers 4 my killer app.warning:i can smell lousy programmers from bits and bytes.
  • 22:48:53: @khristianie @kornbito dao ming si! Fanatic kaau ko meteor garden sa una. =)
  • 22:50:08: RT @tweetitow: Yow, it looks like it took more than 15mins to update d system.i’m still down now.@markjeee still working on me. PLS RT

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