From Twitter 04-12-2011

  • 06:17:19: Argh.wa ko kamata og kadlawon! =(
  • 06:32:07: wants to learn about DNS!!!! like now na!
  • 06:38:32: So many things i want to learn!
  • 07:34:34: Mac Designer is Cool But IE Designer Rules IE fuels bill gates charities so let’s support IE!
  • 08:03:33: Nice username =) RT @tweetitow: Hola! Como estas? @ahkayataa, welcome to the @tweetitow community.
  • 08:03:49: RT @funnyorfact: 90% of women like men in pink T-Shirt. But ironically, 90% of men in pink T-Shirt don’t like women.
  • 08:04:18: RT @miksas: Angry Birds Rio for Symbian lands in Nokia’s Ovi Store
  • 08:06:11: @marcoarment pls let me login to instapaper for iOS via username. I can no longer access it when it requires email for logging in. Thanks
  • 08:15:32: @ilovemz From college? Wow! Congrats! Si mikee when is his?
  • 09:52:48: @markjeee prehas man ni nawong sa kang @jjlumagbas nga txtpense before
  • 10:08:40: thanks @fredbaa for the html $^$#%^$#%^ lessons. next is that server / hosted @^%#^$#%
  • 12:27:38: i love the getting-to-know stage of an’s like fitting puzzles together.but i just we speak the same language.
  • 15:58:08: craving for sbuxxxx =)
  • 17:07:06: @ahsymai you cannot receive any updates when you go offline even if u follow the user.
  • 17:33:17: fitting in.
  • 17:48:19: @viatchigab no. it;s one of the gateways.transfer the ‘receive updates’ gateway to another number.
  • 18:16:25: dropbox is delightful =)
  • 18:36:31: @viatchigab wa nay load =)

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