From Twitter 04-13-2011

  • 07:57:34: Web Service? Cloud? %&%^&$^$^$^&$??? The Time Has Come When Cloud Can Be Bought #projectfanpic
  • 08:01:45: @honeylynb yes. our site is up. all by honey in one click!!!! =)))
  • 08:25:19: Inun-Onan & white egg = breakfast combo I cannot resist!!!
  • 09:10:34: figuring out zonomi for DNS.i’s only up to 1st step.after that,@%^$%^^%. i’m too old for this!
  • 10:19:56: Death is the greatest saviour.
  • 11:07:43: We’ve detected suspicious activity on your Google Account.Please create a new password to continue using your account.-do i look suspicious?
  • 11:12:59: @twitchangel desperate to be celebrity so i hack my own account =)
  • 11:22:51: @iamgeminigurl rught. that’s a better way of looking at it. i love you, google!
  • 13:18:20: Not greatest diay. But ultimate.
  • 13:51:14: @iannucup shared already.kindly check.
  • 15:13:42: vewyyy excited to see @jjlumagbas soon on a daily basis. =)
  • 15:14:37: @iannucup will check
  • 15:40:16: @iannucup it’s owkei now. kindly try again. make sure u go online from ur globe #/ thanks
  • 20:03:44: I’ve just set up @GoogleApps on my domain name at @iWantMyName
  • 21:41:42: @officialchezca It’s owkei.
  • 21:52:20: I gave up knowing dns mapping & such.i think i’ll just go for the no-brainer @iwantmyname.
  • 21:54:47: Here at =)
  • 21:55:00: @officialchezca But it went down earlier. Might b d reason
  • 21:57:05: i wish i could just spend my time making up stories & apps, & tweaking & tweaking. i’m whining =( i shouldnt be.
  • 21:59:33: I can no longer access my old @instaper one answers my email. I’m not pissed right. who’s just pennies.
  • 22:08:23: @rukku they changed to using email address as log in. Before, it was just username,not even now i can’t acces all my saved links
  • 22:10:31: @firedancer67 username ra man gud na ila ask b4 to create an acct.wa email.Mao wa ko confirmation email or sthing on file.
  • 22:25:01: @rukku They make it ‘very simple’ b4 w/out asking any other info dan username.=)creator of it s tech cofounder of tumblr thus d easy concept
  • 22:25:28: @kimeh Yes. Coz i loveD it. =)
  • 22:29:47: @ericzoo Most probably i will.
  • 22:31:48: My brain has no yet’s still thinking it’s in a ‘chase.’
  • 22:37:59: RT @NonieMG: Outdoor media channels r no longer confined to posters & billboards. They can include everything from mobile phones, PDAs, …
  • 22:40:49: Nice RT @firedancer67 u can go to to use search w/out localizations. localizations are SO DAMNED ANNOYING, google!

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