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  • 07:24:10: @kimeh It has a free version
  • 07:56:38: our @ideatoki ‘beta’ site is now up.all made by @honeylynb in 1 click.feel free to comment and bash =)
  • 10:59:42: @snappages where can i get code for ‘enter the code’ in your sign up page? thanks
  • 11:09:57: gisapot sa security warning sa staging!!! taga click na lang jud ka ha!!!
  • 11:19:13: @rae_angeli Just reg ur new #. U can add multiple #s to ur acct
  • 11:33:10: Tester is a pretend play. =) this time, i need to pretend i’m a doctor or a patient. =)
  • 11:58:57: Sthing i learned add ‘en’ to make it plural in dutch. So what’s the plural of ‘ot’ in dutch? =)
  • 13:51:32: @psssht @supergoddess27 eschus me.di man ko tester. Muse man ko =)
  • 13:51:47: @psssht @supergoddess27 mangita ta penpal sa mga patiens =)
  • 16:12:45: @fredbaa @leahdoris @psssht @supergoddess27 dapat lagi naay upload a pic sa info page =) haron makapili sad tag di libat
  • 17:31:42: Back to bizsupport =) u’r such a mystery to solve.playing hard to get =)
  • 20:02:13: Fb custom page failed. Got a 404 error. Whatevs that means.
  • 20:17:52: Green is @leahdoris favorite color =) yummmyyy green vaio =)
  • 20:18:18: Mass wedding =)
  • 20:18:41: Chiffon slash mango float =) sugar high!
  • 20:57:16: Still trying to figure out this fb custom page. Blaahhh. how-tos look easy but it’s i understand fb devs frustration over fb.
  • 21:03:17: RT @likke: Refer me! If you know anyone who needs help with managing their social media accounts, our team is available
  • 21:04:44: Ow. Naa pa mo diha? =) RT @supergoddess27: fudge
  • 21:09:55: Happiness.found the ‘about face 3’ book again.but then i really have no time to read a book =(
  • 21:17:25: @supergoddess27 ay di man sugot si @markjeee oy =(

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