From Twitter 04-16-2011

  • 07:03:21: i write notes/doodles everywhere.scatteredbrain.
  • 13:23:26: Luigi. Mario is red. =) RT @aShLe311: Is this Mario or is this Luigi? :D
  • 13:25:45: yay.the owange dot =) RT @ideatoki: look at my icon, that’s new. =)
  • 13:29:30: @aShLe311 Basin fake na. Hehe.
  • 14:46:14: magnolia’s now selling free-range chicken. i just wonder how free-range is their free-range.hope it’s just not up to the labels.
  • 17:01:14: Messy peanutbuttet sandwich & instant coffee =)
  • 17:06:34: It’s just soo different when u copy an idea from when u own the idea. =)
  • 17:18:01: @kevinleversee I think i stated it’s more of u hav to own ur copied idea. u must add soul to it =)
  • 21:08:35: The most exciting thing to happen since slice bread RT @LasagnaSurfer: Remember, remember, @tweetitow Trivia Challenge tomorrow.

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